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Long-lasting Solution for Eye Bags, Sagging Skin, and Nasolabial Folds?

I am 42 and not happy with two things: bags under eyes (bigger on my right side) and loss of fat on my face. I maintain my body weight by controlling... READ MORE

What Kind of Care is Needed After Radiesse?

What should a caregiver expect?  What is the recovery process like?  READ MORE

Can a Long Skinny Face Turn into a More Oval Face with Injections Put in the Right Place in the Face

Hi, I'm planing on getting injections into my cheek area to make my long skinny face more oval. Just wondering if it's possible to change the... READ MORE

Radiesse or Lipo for Lifting Jowls and Marionette Lines?

45 yrs old. Within a year period I have had Radiesse, Restalyne, and Juvaderm Ultra-Plus for my marionette lines. Minimal results that lasted apprx... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Radiesse?

I recently had radiesse in my cheeks about 8 days ago, with a lot more on one side of my face to correct a slight assymetry. However, I now look fake... READ MORE

Did Filler in the Cheeks Worsen Nasolabial Folds?

I recently had radiesse in my mid-cheek area to replace a bit of early fat loss (I'm only 31). I also had a little juvederm on either side of my... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Injected Without Xylocaine?

Hi. I have gotten Radiesse and want to get some more. My provider mixes the product w/ 4cc of numbing agent, which causes me to blow up! Can Radiesse... READ MORE

What Does Radiesse Look Like?

I want to make sure I'm not getting ripped off.  Can someone tell me what the packaging for  Radiesse looks like? READ MORE

Best Approach to Prevent Pain from Radiesse Injections?

I am considering Radiesse for the nose to mouth lines but I am scared to death of the pain. My dermatologist told me they put numbing cream on your... READ MORE

What Qualifies Someone to Inject This Radiesse?

What should one know about a procedure and who is performing it before getting filler (like Radiesse) in the face? READ MORE

Can I Still Have IPL Treatments After Radiesse?

I'm scheduled to have Radiesse injections on jawline and the hollows of my cheeks next week. Can I still get IPL or other laser treatments after? Can... READ MORE

Radiesse for Area of Bone Loss?

I have both fat and bone loss with aging and my face is thin. At bedtime I wear an occlusial split made after a bad TMJ trauma. The thing is, when I... READ MORE

Please Explain This Statement About Radiesse

What does the statement about Radiesse below mean:"Over time the gel carrier is absorbed by the body but the structure set up with the collagen... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Expanded??

I had my Radiesse injection to my cheek bones for the 2nd time two days ago. When the injections were just done, the result looked fantastic in the Dr... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Give Me More Symmetry to the Face? (photo)

Dear ladies and gentleman, My problem is actually my asymmetric face, caused by my left cheek area, which is siginificantly more adipose than my right... READ MORE

What is Causing my Face to Swell 8 Months After Radiesse Injections?

7 months following Radiesse injections, I was involved in a serious auto accident. My face was NOT injured, however, I had many internal injuries and... READ MORE

How to Get Radiesse Removed?

Is there a way to get Radiesse removed after it has been in my face for 2 months? It is overly filled and looks awful. READ MORE

If I had radiesse injected into my nasal folds and cheeks, how much pressure can affect it? And how soon? (photo)

I received Radiesse then had a massage 2 days later and I am worried when I was face down in the face cradle that it could have shifted. It was an... READ MORE

Facial Movements with Radiesse Filler? (Male, 22 Years Old)

1 week ago had Radiesse injected on 1 side of my face that lacked volume. No swelling at all! It was along my cheekbone and my jawline. Two 1.5 CC.... READ MORE

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