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Puffy Eye After Radiesse for Cheek Augmentation

I am not able to tell if my PA put Radiesse too close to my eye to fill in my cheek. It has been puffy with a small amount of bruising for over two... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Replace Orbital Rim Implants?

I have round eyes with lots of scleral show, also lots of flatness in my maxilla, right under my eyes. i would like to make my eyes more almond... READ MORE

Eye Pain and Swelling with Blurry Vision After Radiesse

I had an injection of Radiesse under my cheeks and the lat. eyes three days ago and initially when I got home it felt like I had something in my eye.... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Expanded??

I had my Radiesse injection to my cheek bones for the 2nd time two days ago. When the injections were just done, the result looked fantastic in the Dr... READ MORE

Eye Swelling Shut One Week After Radiesse, What's The Cause? How To Treat? (photo)

I had radiesse injections in my cheeks one week ago which resulted in a black swollen eye. The swelling is getting worse, not better and now the other... READ MORE

Could I Still Be Swollen Under my Eyes 37 Days After Radiesse Was Injected?

My Board Certified Plastic Surgeon injected my eye area with Radiesse over 37 days ago (He did not tell me Radiesse is NOT recommended for that area... READ MORE

Radiesse for Hollowness Left Wrinkles

I'm 38 years old and recently had Radiesse injected in my cheeks & tear through with a technique called fanning. I never had wrinkles under my... READ MORE

Is it possible for radiesse to cause reaction for almost a year? Possible allergic reaction? (Photo)

I beg all the doctors that use radiesse to please answer Is it possible to have pain close to the nose radiates through the eye all the way to the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause inflammation around the eyes and cheeks? Swelling, redness, burning pain 10 months later

Help please . I'm really confused scared in pain . I was never explained and I unfortunately have no where to turn for answers as it has been 10... READ MORE

Had Radiesse in Eye Area and Nasal Labial Folds?

Noticeable in eye area but not in n/l folds, and I would like him to add a bit more in this area. I don't think I should be charged. This is a very... READ MORE

How can I fix my one bigger-looking eye?? (photo)

I have had my thyroid checked multiple times due to being really thin and do not have any thyroid problems, but all my life I've had one eye appear... READ MORE

Higher cheekbone after Radiesse/Sculptra, can something be done to fix this? (Photo)

The injection of two vials of Radiesse and two vials of Sculptra has left me with a very pronounced curve in my cheekbone. There is no granuloma, just... READ MORE

Radiesse for eye hollows and wrinkles. Botox for forehead? (Photo)

Over the last year my face has thinned significantly. Eyes have hollowed, deep wrinkles have formed! I feel 30 going on 60. I know radiesse is a good... READ MORE

Fluid retention from Radiesse possible?

I had Radiesse injected into the temples. After about a week I noticed fluid retention around the eyes. The Dr said it's impossible to have fluid... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Radiesse to malar region?

Hello is it ok to inject radiesse just below (inferior) our dark circles of eyes. I call it malar region. I have so little fat there. Another thing is... READ MORE

Pale shape on my cheek after Radiesse?

I made facial radiesse since 3 weeks & I have till now a butter fly shape pale on my sheeck and very dark area arround my eyes. READ MORE

Radiesse 2 weeks ago and I hate it! Please help!

So about two months ago I got 1 syringe of voluma in my cheeks and just 12 days ago I got 1 syringe of radiesse in my upper cheek area, temples and... READ MORE

Almost two months after radiesse and still painful. What to do? (photos)

I had radiesse two months ago and I still have pain and I get heat and swelling around my eye ? I had it injected around my cheeks? Only the right one... READ MORE

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