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Radiesse for Under Eye Bags?

I'm considering getting radiesse under my eyes to help with the Bags.....what is your opinion. I've been reading a lot of reviews that don't suggest... READ MORE

Long-lasting Solution for Eye Bags, Sagging Skin, and Nasolabial Folds?

I am 42 and not happy with two things: bags under eyes (bigger on my right side) and loss of fat on my face. I maintain my body weight by controlling... READ MORE

Fluid Sacks (Like Deep Blisters) Under Eyes After Radiesse

Had radiesse to smooth cheekbone to undereye (orbital rim?) over two weeks ago. One side looks great, the other has ridge- maybe more so(radiesse... READ MORE

Radiesse for Festoons on Upper Cheeks?

I am 4 months post op from quad blepharoplasty. I still have what I have now been told are festoons. The surgery did not help. In fact, it made the... READ MORE

Radiesse Developed a Small Bag Under my Eye? (photo)

I had Radiesse injection a little over 2 mo’s ago and a day later I notice a small bag under my right eye, when I returned to the Dr. office I was t... READ MORE

Radiesse - Sagging and Jowling After Injection

Radiesse to high point of cheek, no issue. 2nd injections to lower cheek bone, 1wk later. After 2nd set, extreme swelling of lower face & eyes. 3... READ MORE

Will Radiesse to the Lateral Cheek Area Make Mylar Edema More Pronounced?

I really could use some lift/filler to my lateral cheek area, but I'm concerned it may make the bags from mylar edema worse as well the under eye... READ MORE

What is the Success Rate of Radiesse for Eye Hollows?

Which one brings more results for eye hollows; Radiesse or Juvederm? READ MORE

Eye Bags After Radiesse

Nov 09 I Had Radiesse Injections in the Tear Trough Area. I Looked Great for About a Year. Now I Have Bags!! What Do I Do??      READ MORE

White Eyebags from Radiesse

I have white glowing bags under my eyes from Radiesse. Will it go away when Radiesse dissipates? It's very unnatural looking and cannot be covered... READ MORE

How many times is it appropriate to go back to doctor for adjustments.? Already a bit intimidated. (photo)

Had treatments for this problem 3 times. This last time doctor removed all fillers to start over It was suggested to me to try the eyerise belatero... READ MORE

Eyebags increased after Radiesse cheek lift procedure. (photo)

Please help me understand and solve my problem with eyebags, that increased and look swollen after Radiess cheek lifting done 4 months ago to... READ MORE

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