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Will Radiesse to the Lateral Cheek Area Make Mylar Edema More Pronounced?

I really could use some lift/filler to my lateral cheek area, but I'm concerned it may make the bags from mylar edema worse as well the under eye... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, Periorbital and Malar Edema Injection of Radiesse in My Cheeks?

I was treated by BC dermatologist who never saw it before. I am going to BC plastic surgeon who has much knowledge on this adverse event. I have under... READ MORE

Periorbital and Malar Edema 6 Weeks Post Injection of Radiesse in My Cheeks

1st treatment included 3 injections of Radiesse in each cheek, horizontally placed along cheek bone. Also, 3 injections in each nasolabial fold &... READ MORE

Periorbital and Malar Edema 6 Weeks Post Injection of Radiesse in My Cheeks. Is this swelling due to presence of foreign body?

Is this chronic inflammation (swelling) due to prescence of foreign body (medical implant) which is inhibiting full healing. Rather than resorption &... READ MORE

Causes of discoloration and swelling, 85 days post Radiesse? (Photo)

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse (mixed w/lido) to tops of my cheeks. I'd had restalyn in the tear trough 6mos prior. It has been a nightmare. Severe... READ MORE

Edema and blue signs are normal complication after injection of filler ??

Just after injecting the filler in the smile lines edema happened Is this normal is there side effects ? The 2 other days blue dark color occurs on... READ MORE

Will Radiesse mellow out after the swelling goes down?

I got radiesse injections today in the cheek area. quite a bit of bruising and edema. my cheeks look very "bony" like i have tootsie rolls inside my... READ MORE

I thought I was injecting Radiesse but it was BLT numbing cream. What should I do?

2 cc to the Left jaw line...36 hours out...swollen and red. No blanching and no ache. Tender to touch and edema...also some swelling to submental.... READ MORE

Can radiesse migrate from cheek to under eye hollow? Can joker smile be too much belotero in upper lip for smoker line? (Photos)

I got 2 syringes of radiesse(was not told its non reversible) into nasal folds and was Convinced i needed cheeks too, and i did 1 syringe of belatero... READ MORE

Radiesse edema and masses. (photos)

I'm close to 3 weeks post radiesse, and I appear to have edema like swelling, and two semi-knotted masses, where residual bruising is evident in... READ MORE

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