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New Mexico Radiesse Doctor Recommendations

Has anyone had Radiesse or other fillers done in New Mexico? Can you recommend someone? READ MORE

How Would I Find a Doctor in Greenville, SC with a Lot of Experience and Good Reputation for Radiesse?

I have lost weight and want to add volume to my face. I know you can get good results from doctors with a lot of experience. How can i find a doctor... READ MORE

Need a Dr./ Oklahoma (Willing to Drive!)?

Had Radiesse in my tear troughs 6 years ago. Have chronic black mold/pus coming out of my sinuses for 3 years. I think there is an abnormal opening in... READ MORE

Does Radisse attract water like HA fillers?

Just wondering what fillers do not attract water? Voluma, Perlane, Juvedurm and Restalyn have all given me bad results due to significant water... READ MORE

Is Radiesse a safe option to correct middle vault collapse temporarily while waiting for rhinoplasty revision? (photo)

13 months now since initial rhinoplasty Was starting to look very unatural. I got a second opinion and confirmed my fear of a nasal vault collapse.... READ MORE

Remove Radiesse from nose surgically in Southern California?

Hi, I have radiesse injected into my nose in Sweden 2.5 years ago after a rhinoplasty, something I'm very unhappy with. It has unfortunely not... READ MORE

Good doctor for dealing with granulomas in Manchester, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Birmingham, UK?

I have been diagnosed with a granuloma and am receiving some basic treatment. My doctor is brilliant, however is only comfortable with basic kenalog... READ MORE

Affordable Radiesse Injections in Dallas, TX

I'm looking for a reputable office that offers Radiesse (1.5 cc's) injections for the cheekbone area at a price range of $400-500 range in the Dallas... READ MORE

Need help with finding a Dr to get Radiesse taken out. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had Radiesse done 2004 in my lips. 10 years later it's still there. It's horrible looking and feeling. I want it out and don't know if it's possible... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in MINNESOTA that preform non surgical chin argumentation using fillers?

I would like to make my chin a bit more promanent but I dont want to do it Surgically. I was thinking of using Radiesse, and was wonder what doctors... READ MORE

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