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Will Laser Treatments Make Radiesse Dissolve Faster?

I am considering having Radiesse injected next week. I also am looking to schedule to a Pearl Laser Treatment. Will laser treatments like Pearl Laser... READ MORE

How Effective is 1.5cc Radiesse for Deep Glabellar Lines?

I am scheduled for radiesse filler on glabellar lines, upper eyelid blepharoplasty and secondary full face CO2 laser. Is Radiesse best option for... READ MORE

Radiesse Injected over Juvederm?

I had juvederm for nasolabial folds, and wasn't too happy with the results. It was a little puffy and I can still see the injection some. The... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Used in the Same Area Where Juvederm Voluma Was Injected 9 Months Ago?

One cheek is flatter, but i am now in a location where Voluma is not available. Can we augment the flatter cheek with Radiesse? (which would be... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have Radiesse Nose Injection 5 Months After Restylane Nose Injection? Fly Immediately After Radiesse Nose Injection?

(1) I had 1st Restylane injection to nose bridge 5 months ago. ~4.5 months ago (2 weeks later), I had 2nd Restylane injection to nose as touch up.... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Approved for Above the Bridge of Nose/between Eyebrows?

After injecting around my mouth and jowl area the ENT then took it upon herself to inject me between the eyebrows, an area which I have had botox... READ MORE

Can I Still Have IPL Treatments After Radiesse?

I'm scheduled to have Radiesse injections on jawline and the hollows of my cheeks next week. Can I still get IPL or other laser treatments after? Can... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Radiesse Fillers in Cheeks Before a Series of VI Peels with Boosters?

I have moderate acne scarring after 9 Fraxels, 6 Dermasweeps with light peels and one VI Peel. I need filler in both cheeks and I still have scars.... READ MORE

I Have Restylane in my Cheeks, but Want to Use Radiesse. How Do I Do This?

Hello there.I have restylane in my cheeks, but it is starting to dimish. I had quite a lot put in, and its going to leave a saggy face!!!I would like... READ MORE

How Long Does Radiesse Mixed with Lidocaine Last?

How Long Does Radiesse Mixed with Lidocaine Last? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Inject Juvederm on the Same Spot with Radiesse?

I had 1 syringe of Juvederm injected for the first time yesterday and I really don't see a difference. I'm not happy. My forehead crease is still... READ MORE

Radiesse and Facial Ultrasound

I had Radiesse injections in my nasolabial folds about one and a half year ago. I recently made an appointment for a facial, and the esthetician wants... READ MORE

Can Radiesse and Restylane Both Be Present in the Nose at the Same Time for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

I've had Radiesse injection for nasal bridge augmentation, but I want to switch to Restylane. Do I need to wait for the Radiesse to completely... READ MORE

Can I Use Radiesse if I Already Have Permanent Facial Implants?

I have had permanent implants which have become hard inside the mouth and close to marionette lines. Can I use Radiesse for my marionnette lines... READ MORE

Is it ok to mix fillers together that are different from each other?

I just got radiesse in my cheeks 2 weeks ago and I need a touch up. But now I am at a location where I cannot get radiesse and can only get HA... READ MORE

Can You Get a Chin Implant While Still Having Radiesse in Your Chin or is This Not a Good Idea?

I had a Radieese injection on my chin 6 months ago I know it lasts a year or more, I was wondering if I can get a chin implant next week or is there a... READ MORE

I combined Radiesse and Sculptra in the same area - and the results are terrible. Does this mean I am permanently disfigured?

I had Radiesse and Sculptra injected a few weeks apart in the same areas late last year. These were my second rounds of both injections. I look... READ MORE

Is it safe to mix Radiesse and Voluma?

I've been getting radiesse on my jaw for a few months now but I would like to switch to Voluma due to longer lasting effects. I just got radiesse on... READ MORE

Radiesse in conjunction with Ultherapy. Any suggestions?

Can a receive Ultherapy after having Radiesse injected into the nasal/labial folds? Could the heat alter the chemical properties of Radiesse or... READ MORE

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