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Can Radiesse Restore Volume in Cheeks?

I am 52 years old. I have been using Restylane for the folds around my mouth and nose.I have had some improvement. However, I notice that my skin is... READ MORE

Radiesse Was Injected into my Trough/cheek Area About Six Weeks Ago.

I was delighted with the newly restored fullness; unfortunately, the result has totally disappeared! I've been reading that Radiesse stimulates... READ MORE

Radiesse Used to Fill Mouth Folds - No Results

I had radiesse to fill a fold at the side of my mouth. They said the results would disappear in 2 wks but reappear, with my own collagen, in 6 months.... READ MORE

Radiesse Disaster 14 Months Post Op, How To Dissolve New Collagen in Nose Tip?

Hello all, In October of 2010, I went to a dermatologist for a non-surgical nosejob (i.e. Radiesse in my nose). He ignored all of my instructions and... READ MORE

Please Explain This Statement About Radiesse

What does the statement about Radiesse below mean:"Over time the gel carrier is absorbed by the body but the structure set up with the collagen... READ MORE

Is the Collagen Induced by Radiesse and Sculptra Permanent?

Radiesse and Sculptra work by stimulating the body's collagen. Sculptra relies mostly on the body to produce collagen while radiesse provide an... READ MORE

Hate Radiesse results. Have you seen any trends in patients who had it dissolve quickly? (Photo)

I had Radiesse injected in my cheeks 15 months ago. Admittedly, I didn't do enough research on the dr. The filler has distorted my face when I smile &... READ MORE

Radiesse & Collagen? What exactly are the benefits of this collagen production?

Hello, one of the many benefits I have been reading on Radiesse is that it slightly stimulates collagen production? What exactly are the benefits of... READ MORE

Radiesse Collegen Production true?

I get all sorts of different answers from doctors. Radiesse stimulates the production of collagen, so why would all of the results wear off after the... READ MORE

Radiesse has left me with duck/monkey mouth! It's been 5 months - what should I do? (Photo)

I was injected with a full vial in my nasolabial folds for the 2nd time this year-and the results are disastrous!It's been 5months and it seems to get... READ MORE

Collegan - myth or reality?

It's well known now that fillers, particularly Radiesse or Sculptra are said to increase collegen and improve skin tone once they have worn off. Is... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds. Radiesse long term complication

I had nasolabial folds injected with radiesse 3/13, now it appears that one nostril and that side of the tip of my nose is larger than the other.... READ MORE

Anti Inflammatory diets/Metabolism in conjunction with Radiesse and Sculptra?

I have had a bad reaction with an overfill of Radiesse and Sculptra. Way too much product was used on the four occasions I was injected. I'm very... READ MORE

How long does the collagen made from Radiesse last?

The Radiesse website says the product 'immediately replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen with results... READ MORE

What if Radiesse is injected in a fat pad? And the fat pad is enlarged due to it?

This is a continuation on my other question, and I have done some research and I think I found wich part under my skin is larger after radiesse. It's... READ MORE

How do collagen fillers show up on scans? Had an MRI recently after having Radiesse in my temples and jawline 20 months ago.

 The report stated 'The filler material has turned to collagen and is seen deep to the skin in the tissue between the skin and the bone in the... READ MORE

What happens when you layer collagen building fillers?

I was in my late twenties when I had two rounds of Sculptra and two rounds of Radiesse by an unexperienced plastic surgeon. He layered all these on... READ MORE

Radiesse, the difference between the gel carrier and the newly built collagen?

I have read varying accounts on RealSelf that the product (the gel carrier of Radiesse) lasts a year but the collagen growth itself lasts years and... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Radiesse or Teosyal Ultra Deep for nasolabial folds?

After my question I went to another physican and explain the situation . She said to remove the nasolobial the best way is to start to fill the face... READ MORE

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