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Any Negatives to Using Radiesse or Restylane for Chin Augmentation?

I know it doesn't last as long, but is chin augmentation using Radiesse or Restylane less effective or not as natural as a surgical implant? READ MORE

Chin Fillers?

I have a slight asymmetry and weakness in my chin that I have consulted a plastic surgeon for. I was seeing the plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Radiesse Chin Augmentation?

Hi Guys, So I'm curious how long would Radiesse last in the chin? I'm hoping to get 3mm of projection from it and am curious how much it would cost.... READ MORE

Can I get fillers in the prejowl sulcus area and not the marionette lines? (Photo)

I have both, but its really just the pronounced indentation between my chin and jowl that bothers me. If I could just get my jawline smoothed out a... READ MORE

Radiesse for Crepey Chin?

I am considering Radiesse for my chin area, which has become crepey. Is this the correct treatment? READ MORE

Does Radiesse Work to Remove Cleft Chin?

Can Radiesse be used to remove cleft chin, and how long do they last. If not, is there any other surgery to remove a cleft chin? Thank you. READ MORE

Swelling, Brusing and Uneven Shaped Cheeks and Chin After Radiesse

After having radiesse injected yesterday by my dermatologist I am disfigured. My left side is bruised, swollen and has a huge lump. I no longer have... READ MORE

Too Much Radiesse Injected into the Chin (Jay Leno Effect)

Yesterday I had radiesse injected into my chin, mainly because I wasnt happy with how my profile looked " nose sticks out farther than the... READ MORE

Are Radiesse Lumps at Two Weeks Normal?

I had Radiesse injected in my chin below the lipline where there has been loss of fat after five years in braces. It's been two weeks since... READ MORE

Radiesse Vs. Sculptra for Droopy Mouth and Chin?

Hi. I am 40 years old and started getting a droopy mouth and loss of volume in my chin area below the outer part of lips. Is it best to get Radiesse... READ MORE

Risks of Bone Formation After Radiesse to Chin Area?

I am considering radiesse for a slight chin lift... but I was reading about how it can lead to unwanted bone formation if injected deep, which I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Radiesse or Juvederm to better fill Marionette lines, mouth & chin area? (photos)

Repost w/pics, 44 F Looking to fill Marionette lines & chin area to restore that youthful volume around the sides of my mouth & chin beneath my lower... READ MORE

Have Perlane Injection for Chin 6months,want to Try Radiesse,can It Just Be Built on Top ?

I have had a perlane injection for my chin for 6 months now, i think the result is nice,but i want to inject radiesse to have a more lasting result... READ MORE

How should Radiesse be injected to create more chiseled, masculine features in a male patient's face? (Photo)

When injecting Radiesse into the face of a male patient who wishes to achieve a more masculine, chiseled look (like the actor in the photos), what... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Work on Thick Facial Skin?

I am 67 years old and had one Radiesse injection 6 months ago below my mouth around my chin. The lines seemed filled in at the time but now the... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Chinn and Cheeekbone Enhancements with Radiesse? (photo)

I'm 24 years old and have a flat chiin an chuby cheeks. I would like to improve my face without surgery. Could Radiesse be beneficial? READ MORE

Is Radiesse permanent for some people?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 3 months ago. There is no sign of it dissolving since then, and I'm afraid it may be permanent. Is it possible... READ MORE

Unhappy with Radiesse Results - I Can't Tell Much Difference

I dont think my fillers worked. i had rediesse around my nose, mouth and chin area. i just dont feel like you can tell much differnce, is it normal to... READ MORE

Removing Radiesse from Chin?

I had Radiesse two days ago and still have swelling in the chin area that really I feel does not look natural the nasal folds look great but I am... READ MORE

When Will a Touch-up be Required from a Radiesse Chin Augmentation?

Is it best to try to use your own fat as a filler for a chin augmentation if you want longer-lasting effects? If  one opts for neck lipo, can... READ MORE

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