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How Long Does It Take Radiesse to Soften?

I had radiesse injected for cheekbone enhancement exactly 2 weeks ago. It appears as though the swelling has mostly gone down. But the radiesse feels... READ MORE

Fluid Sacks (Like Deep Blisters) Under Eyes After Radiesse

Had radiesse to smooth cheekbone to undereye (orbital rim?) over two weeks ago. One side looks great, the other has ridge- maybe more so(radiesse... READ MORE

Radiesse on Actual Cheekbone? (photo)

Is this a usual procedure to place the Radiesse on the bone itself? I wanted the filler because of the hollow look to my face. After 3 vials and 7... READ MORE

Do Radiesse Nodules Go Away on Their Own?

I had Radiesse injected 3.5 weeks ago in the cheek area and now I have a hard lump at the orbital bone. It is slightly raised, but it can be felt... READ MORE

Can't Smile After Radiesse Injections to Cheekbones and Nasolabial Folds, is this Common? (photo)

This was done almost 3 weeks ago. I've had other fillers in the past but never Radiesse. The doctor did not inject in the area between my nose and... READ MORE

How should Radiesse be injected to create more chiseled, masculine features in a male patient's face? (Photo)

When injecting Radiesse into the face of a male patient who wishes to achieve a more masculine, chiseled look (like the actor in the photos), what... READ MORE

Numbness 18 Months After Radiesse to Enhance Cheekbones

I Had Radiesse Injected Bilaterally to Enhance my Cheekbones 18 Months Ago. My Facial Plastic Surgeon Hit the Infraorbital Nerve with the needle and... READ MORE

Headaches After Radiasse Injections

I had radiasse injections done in to my cheek bones 2 months a go and iv been having horrible head ache to a point that i have seen ent dr and... READ MORE

Radiesse to Nasolabial Lines and Cheeks Continues to Swell, When Will this go Down?

My mom had RADIESSE injected last night in her nasolabial lines and a bit up her cheekbones. She is so depressed right now it's not even funny.... READ MORE

Radiesse Cheek Bones 4 Days Ao and I Look Like a Balloon Still?

Hi had my beautiful face injected with radiesse 4 days ago, high on the cheekbones, on the sides to create a bone , I still look like a balloon, my... READ MORE

4 Vials of Radiesse Only Lasted 6 Months?

I had almost three vials put on the actual cheekbone( was told this should last 12-18 months and will not create the lasting collagen). Remainder to... READ MORE

If I Had No Results the First Time WIth Radiesse, Should He Charge Me For a Second Round?

I had Radiesse filler in my check bone under eye area,paid $750.00, but it didn't take I was swollen the same day but the day after it was back to my... READ MORE

How deep is radiesse injected into cheeks?

Is radiesse injected under cheek skin ? on the tap of the cheek bone ? or in the cheek muscles? Thanks READ MORE

Soreness 6 Days Post-Radiesse Treatment Normal?

I had Radiesse done in cheekbone area, nasolabial folds and around the mouth and chin areas 6 days ago. I still have some tenderness in an area of the... READ MORE

Radiesse in Cheeks 5+ Years?

I had 1 syringe of radiesse (split 50/50 each side) to enhance my cheekbones and went back 6 months later for another syringe. I want it to go down,... READ MORE

Can Lumps Appear on Sides of Cheekbones 6 Months After Radiesse?

Since a few days i have little lumps on both sides of my cheekbones,where the radiesse was injected, they are the size of mosquito stings but... READ MORE

Radiesse or Juvederm for enhanced jawline/cheekbone area? ( Masculine )

I've decided my first step in improving my profile would have to be an enhanced jawline/malar via filler injections, i'm looking for a chiseled... READ MORE

2 months post-op Radiesse. Pain on cheekbone.

First week of Feb'14 got radiesse on each cheek, right one got extremely swollen, the other side healed with not issues. Affected cheek didn't get... READ MORE

Does Radiesse ever fully go away?

I had radiesse about two years ago. It was injected very unevenly - 1.5 syringes in the left side of my face, up at my temple, close to the eye and... READ MORE

Is it possible for radiesse to cause reaction for almost a year? Possible allergic reaction? (Photo)

I beg all the doctors that use radiesse to please answer Is it possible to have pain close to the nose radiates through the eye all the way to the... READ MORE

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