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Slipped Cartilage Graft and Radiesse Problem

After surgery on tip of nose, a cartilage graft I had prior slipped out of place from the top bridge. It created a bump after it healed. My doctor... READ MORE

How to Resolve Bump After Needle Injection? (photo)

Please help! I had Radissee injected on my nose bridge about 2 weeks ago (you can see the 2 injection sites on the attached picture). It left me... READ MORE

Large Bump on Nose After Radiesse: What are my Options?

Had radiesse injected into bridge of nose over 2 weeks ago and it travelled down my nose and created a huge bump close to the middle of my nose!The... READ MORE

I Have a Hard Red Bump on my Chin (Radiesse Injected 1mo Ago). Spider Bite? (photo)

I have this hard red bump on my chin that kind of appeared out of nowhere. I had radiesse injected in my chin 1 month ago. I recently developed a cold... READ MORE

Squishing Radiesse Hump On Nose Not Working- What To Do?

My doctor tried to fill a small gap on the upper third of my nose with Rasiesse and it left a huge hump that surfaced after 2 weeks! The doctor... READ MORE

Is It Possible For The Radiesse To Have Traveled Along My Nose Creating a Bulge?

It has been 4 month now since I was injected with radiesse along the folds on side of mouth. Next day I noticed a lump but thought it was just... READ MORE

Should I Have Radiesse Injected into my NLF's Again?

I had Radiesse injected into my NLF's, shortly after, a small white lump appeared inside the right side of my upper lip. It's been six months and the... READ MORE

Can Vitrase be used to break down Radiess from under my eyes ? (Photo)

As I've said in my provides question Rasiess was injected a year ago under my eyes and create a huge bump . Sadly after a year it didn't go away as my... READ MORE

Remove Radiesse from Glabella (photos)

I had fillers for the first time between the eyebrows (and botox). Now I have an egg shaped bump. The doctor said it would go away. However, when I... READ MORE

Swollen up, bump under eyes, black and blue under eyes after radiesse filler - normal? (photos)

Is it normal to get a bubble under eyes and be black and blue under the eyes after radiesse filler ? READ MORE

Any suggestions on Radiesse?

Had radiesse injected about a year and half ago and it made my right side of my chin have a bump that don't seem to be going away really and have some... READ MORE

Can Radiesse or other fillers cause mole-type growths?

I'm 45. Two years ago a cosmetic surgeon injected Juvederm(?) in my pre-jowl sulcus areas. About 1 year ago I got Radiesse in the same spots. 6-8... READ MORE

Will Radiesse injected in cheeks on Tuesday be affected by being bumped in the injection area on Thursday?

Had Radiesse cheek injections on Tuesday. Today (Thursday) when hugging a friend, our cheeks bumped where I had the filler injected. Will this impact... READ MORE

Could my nose be fractured or could it be that the filler migrated? I have a bump and its tender.

A month or more ago I got a radiesse filler went back for a retouch. I saw my nose swell up on the right side when the syringe hit the bone. It went... READ MORE

Pain in right eye day after Radiesse in the cheek?

I woke up the morning after Radiesse in the cheeks with moderate pain in my right eye. I also noticed a little acne like bump right in between the end... READ MORE

Radiesse injected 4 years ago. Nose still too wide. Now I'm unconcerned with the bump, I just want my nose a a hair thinner.

My features are fine so my nose size after radiesse threw off my proportions.The radiesse dissolved, but nose is still wide/undefined (bc of radiesse... READ MORE

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