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What to Do About Swelling and Lumps After Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected into eye hollow area 3 weeks ago. At first, I looked like a monster with severely dark under eyes and I was swelling for the... READ MORE

Radiesse for Lip Wrinkles?

I have had Juvederm for Lip augmentation. The thing I hate about it is the bruising that comes along with it. I am very fair (Irish blue/white fair)... READ MORE

Is Bruising Normal 1-2 Weeks Post Radiesse?

Hello.Last Wednesday I had Radiesse injected in my nasolabial and marionette lines and today,Saturday,I still had severe bruises showing.Is that... READ MORE

Swelling, Brusing and Uneven Shaped Cheeks and Chin After Radiesse

After having radiesse injected yesterday by my dermatologist I am disfigured. My left side is bruised, swollen and has a huge lump. I no longer have... READ MORE

Cheek Bruise After Radiesse That Doesn't Heal?

I was treated with Radiesse for my cheeks approximately 18 months ago. The right cheek became severely bruised which never healed. The bruise is... READ MORE

Bruising After Radiesse on Nose Permanent?

I had the Radiesse injection done on my nose and now I'm experiencing some bruising. Is the bruising permanent? If not, how long will it take to subside? READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Went Bad?

I had Radiesse injections into nasal folds done on Friday and now my lip, nose and right side of the face are swallen, brused and there are small... READ MORE

One Side Bruised Badly but Now Its 8 Days Post Injection, I Can Feel a Firm Mass and There is a Jowl Effect? (photo)

I had Radiesse to give me a more lifted look. 3 syringes total were used in cheeks and nasolabial folds. At the time, I sensed that more was injected... READ MORE

Bruising Radiesse Around My Mouth? (photo)

I had radiesse injections put in around my mouth and it looks like blood pooled on one side in that area. Is this permanent? I'm very nervous! This... READ MORE

9 Months Post Lower Bleph, Got Radiesse Shots in Cheeks, More in the Right. Will Bruising Go Away? (photo)

Lower bleph done 10/14/2012. Left my right lid very assymetrical and dented in. The lines(tear troughs) were more pronounced than before and there was... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Site Left With Bumps?

I was injected with Radiesse many times. My last experience I was left with bumps at the needle sites. Waited for one month hoping they would flatten... READ MORE

Swollen in the Maxillary Sinus Area of my Face - is It from Radiesse

I received a Radiesse injection on the 15th of March - I have had injections for the past couple of years with no problems. This time the right side... READ MORE

Is Nasolabial Bruising Common After Radiesse?

I had radiesse on Thursday pm and the right side nasal labial is very minimal bruising, the left side is completely very red bruising and I don't... READ MORE

Will Swelling Go Away After Radiesse?

I had radiesse injections yesterday all over my cheek and lower face area and today I look like a chipmunk. I know there is some swelling but please... READ MORE

How soon after Radiesse is injected, does it set? Can you manipulate the product after swelling goes down?

I had Radiesse injected to correct volume loss in my checks. On side looks perfect. The other side looks like the filler is uneven, in the wrong sot &... READ MORE

Radiesse Recovery

What kind of downtime should I expect after Radiesse injections? Will there be bruising or swelling that I will want to hide from others? Thanks. READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of White and Reddish Discolorations from Radiesse?

Had the same reaction to Radiesse on one side for marionette lines, awful bruising, terrible pain, those are gone but am left with a nickel sized... READ MORE

Bumps and brusing after Radiesse...What to do? (photos)

Had Radiesse injections upper check, tear trough area roughly 3 weeks ago. The left eye was layered with restalyne. I experienced severe bruising. I... READ MORE

How Can Bluish Bruise from Radiesse Injected Under Eyes Be Surgically Removed

I noted in one of the questions where a patient was upset about the bluish bruise, like the Tyndall effect, she had under her eyes after Radiesse was... READ MORE

Is the downtime for Radiesse same as Juvederm? (photo)

I had juvederm several times on my cheeks in the past, 1 syringe per cheek, but they never last more than couple of months, which is very... READ MORE

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