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Radiesse Nose

I have scheduled an appoinment to have Radiesse injected on the bridge of my nose. I want to have a higher bridge and my doctor said that this is an... READ MORE

Will Next Radiesse Treatment for Non Surgical Nose Job Last Longer?

Why did my Radiesse treatment to build my nose bridge last only 5 1/2 months? I loved my results but by the 4th month. I noticed that it seemed to be... READ MORE

Possible Complications from Frequent Radiesse Injections?

Are there complications from frequent Radiesse injections for non-surgical Rhinoplasty? I have no nose bridge, so 3.5 months ago, I had Radiesse... READ MORE

Molding and Massaging Radiesse

How Long After Injection of Radiesse Can You Still Mold It? Ie. Pressing Down if There is Too Much on Bridge of Nose  READ MORE

Radiesse for Indentations on the Nasal Bridge?

What is the efficacy of Radiesse's use to fell out indentations of the nasal bridge? Will it move when I sneeze? Will it move when I blow my nose? READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Fixed? (photo)

I had radiesse injection in my nose due to my assymetrical bridge when i had my rhinoplasty. After the injection my nose is really swollen but the... READ MORE

Large Bump on Nose After Radiesse: What are my Options?

Had radiesse injected into bridge of nose over 2 weeks ago and it travelled down my nose and created a huge bump close to the middle of my nose!The... READ MORE

I was overfilled by Radiesse. Is it possible I have an infection? Broken capillaries ? (photos)

R injected into bridge 1mnth ago. Initial swelling subsided. Now noticed swelling and redness.dr injected steroid .swelling going down.Also taking... READ MORE

Worried and annoyed with persistent swelling and redness 7 weeks into Radiesse. Why is it not going? (Photo)

Got R into bridge of nose on 1aug,some more on 15aug. Initial swelling subsided normally . Recently 2weeks ago, nose swelling up with persistent... READ MORE

Too much Radiesse in nose? Will it look more 'normal' within a week? Or does it look fine the way it is? (photos)

I got radiesse injections today to create a more defined bridge and I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the results. Since I wasn't able to have... READ MORE

Forehead swollen due to Radiesse injection onto nose bridge. Will it recover again? What else can I do about it? (Photo)

My forehead was swollen after radiesse injection to volume up my flat nose bridge. After 14 days the swell is still there. I went back to my doctor.... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job (Radiesse): Will My Swelling Go Down? (Photo)

They didn't inject Radiesse by the nostrils. Only at the bridge and tip. Why do my nostrils look like this? Is it the weight of the filler on the... READ MORE

Vein occlusion in nose from Radiesse

2 months ago my ENT/plastic surgeon put Radiesse in an atrophic scar on the bridge of my nose. He had done it before twice with no problem. My nose... READ MORE

Bruising, swelling and pain after Radiesse injection in my nose (photo)

I went for a radiesse in my nose (bridge and tip) 36 hours ago and now it's a disaster! my nose is so swelling and painful to touch. Also my nose tip... READ MORE

Nonsurgical removal of Radiesse?

Hello, Ive had radiesse injected to the bridge and supratip of my nose 2.5 years ago, im not happy with the results especially because of the... READ MORE

Is Radiesses Safe On My Nose? (photos)

Is radissse safe on the nose bridge? How long will it last? Will it improve my nose? I want my nose to lift up near the tip and the hump remove. READ MORE

Is Radiesse fillers in nose okay if I plan on a future Rhinoplasty?

I plan on a future asian rhinoplasty on my bridge and nose tip but I am currently getting juvederm voluma fillers for my nose but I wanted to try... READ MORE

Help!!! Radiesse in the tip why?!?!

Help!!! I had Radiesse put into my nose about two months ago. Its now all sitting in the tip of my nose and it's very obvious!! I was only supposed to... READ MORE

How much filler do I need for a V-shaped chin? And can I use this along my brow ridge? (Photos)

I would like my chin to be more v shaped and a little less square. Nothing too dramatic. I also feel as though my brow ridge is quite strong. I think... READ MORE

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