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Radiesse Side Effects

What are some complications that could arise after a Radiesse procedure? Are there specific areas where it shouldn't be used? READ MORE

Radiesse Vs. Restylane

What is the difference between having Radiesse vs Restylane filler for nasolabial folds? Which is better? I've had it done with Juvederm but have... READ MORE

How Much Does Radiesse Cost?

I want to get Radiesse for my facial folds. What is the average price for a Radiesse injection READ MORE

How Long Does Radiesse Last?

I have had Radiesse put under my eyes and came up with redness and bumps. Will this REALLY go away. I hate to look at myself and explain it. I'm very... READ MORE

I Want my Face to Look Fatter and Rounder. It's Long and Skinny, What Can I Do?

I am not old, and i dont have wrinkles, i just have a long and skinny face and i want it to be more rounder and fatter. Can radiesee be injected into... READ MORE

Any Negatives to Using Radiesse or Restylane for Chin Augmentation?

I know it doesn't last as long, but is chin augmentation using Radiesse or Restylane less effective or not as natural as a surgical implant? READ MORE

Radiesse Cheeks

I am 36 and am considering Radiesse to give fullness to my cheeks a lift and help alleviate the hollowness under my eyes. I am scared to do injections... READ MORE

Radiesse for Under Eye Bags?

I'm considering getting radiesse under my eyes to help with the Bags.....what is your opinion. I've been reading a lot of reviews that don't suggest... READ MORE

Radiesse for Jaw Line?

Does Radiesse work well along the jaw line (small area), or would something else be better? READ MORE

Radiesse Nose

I have scheduled an appoinment to have Radiesse injected on the bridge of my nose. I want to have a higher bridge and my doctor said that this is an... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Good for Lip Augmentation?

A lot of people talk about how good and are for lip augmentation, but I want something more permanent.  Is it safe/effective to get lip... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Leave Lumps?

I've read that since Radiesse doesn't dissolve naturally, you can be left with lumps and bumps after treatment. Is this true? READ MORE

Radiesse for Nasolabial Folds

I am thinking about Radiesse for my nasolabial folds and possibly marionette lines.  Does Radiesse work for these areas? READ MORE

Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra for Smile Lines?

Is Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra better suited for smile lines? I am referring to oral commisures (corner of mouth) and marionette lines. Also, would 1... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lift Slightly Saggy Jowls with Radiesse Injected in the Cheeks?

I am only 29 yo and I am scared to perform already a mid-face lift, even though I have seen amazing results on women on their forties...their jowls... READ MORE

Radiesse Injections for Temple Area?

The area around my temple has lost its fat content and my face really sinks in there. it was recommended to me have Radiesse injected there. I am 52... READ MORE

Radiesse for Sunken Eyes?

I'm 47 years old. I went for a consultation looking to find serums or products for my face. The lady I saw said not to waste time with products... READ MORE

Is there a potential for Radiesse to migrate after injection?

Is there a potential for Radiesse to migrate after injection?  For example, could it spread from the cheeks into the nasolabial folds? READ MORE

Radiesse to Widen a Thin, Long Face?

I Have a Thin, Long Face-can Radiesse Work in my Cheeks And/or Jaw Area to Widen Its Shape READ MORE

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