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Chin Fillers?

I have a slight asymmetry and weakness in my chin that I have consulted a plastic surgeon for. I was seeing the plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Radiesse?

I recently had radiesse in my cheeks about 8 days ago, with a lot more on one side of my face to correct a slight assymetry. However, I now look fake... READ MORE

Fixing Facial (Jawline and Cheek) Asymmetry with Radiesse

I have a facial asymmetry. The right side of my face is thinner, whereas the left is wider and steeper. Same with the jaws. I look different from... READ MORE

Fixing Jawline and Cheek Asymmetry with Radiesse

I have a facial asymmetry. The right side of my face is thinner, whereas the left is wider and steeper. Same with the jaws. I look different from... READ MORE

Jowls and Asymmetry After Radiesse

It now looks like I have jowls and one side of my face is different from the other after Radiesse. If this is indeed swelling, should it have begun... READ MORE

Correct Jaw Bone Asymmetry with Radiesse or Something else? (photo)

Hello, I've noticed some years ago an asymmetry in my jawline, I realised while touching it than one angle is more angular than the other, the bone at... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Fixed? (photo)

I had radiesse injection in my nose due to my assymetrical bridge when i had my rhinoplasty. After the injection my nose is really swollen but the... READ MORE

I Have a Ridge After Radiesse!! What is It? and How Can I Make It Disappear? (photo)

I had Radiesse injected (1 syringe) only in my left cheek for assymitry (upper cheek, was told it was "around orbital rim" (8/20/13). After treatment... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Give Me More Symmetry to the Face? (photo)

Dear ladies and gentleman, My problem is actually my asymmetric face, caused by my left cheek area, which is siginificantly more adipose than my right... READ MORE

Would Radiesse Injections even out my Asymmetrical face? (photos)

What would be the best way to even out my asymmetrical face (due to unilateral masseter hypertrophy)? I was thinking injecting a filler to the weaker... READ MORE

Radiesse Caused me to Breakout, What Other Methods are there for Facial Asymmetry?

My problem is explained in this previous post. I had Radiesse injected, but it lasted shorter than promised. 5 months and I'm getting back to... READ MORE

Is Radiesse or bone grafts the best option to treat facial asymmetry secondary to bone loss?

I'm 23. I think the right sided bone loss is from an infected untreated tooth. I don't chew on this side because of worn down teeth, sensitivity, and... READ MORE

Can anything be done to correct this Radiesse disaster? (photos)

Please view pictures. Asymmetry (photo 1), hollow indents under eyes (photo 2), emphasized marionette lines d./t Radiesse lumpiness (photo3). Pictures... READ MORE

Can Radiesse fix cheek asymmetry after cheek implants ?

Hello I've had cheek implants in the past and was wondering, is it possible to achieve a more symmetrical face using radiesse despite the fact that I... READ MORE

Radiesse injections over chin implant concerns. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have a gortex chin implant 6 years ago but there was some natural asymmetry in my jaw I wanted correction on. Yesterday I got a small amount... READ MORE

I don't like the result after radiesse to my chin. What can be done? I don't want my chin to be anymore prominent (Photo)

I have always joked about how I have a chin on one side of my face but not the other. I recently requested a filler to even out my chin. It was not... READ MORE

Hyaluronic combined with other filler advisable for receding chin? Dr used Juvederm Voluma in 2014 (2 cc)

With great results, I've been "retouching" it once a year with Restylane Perlane (less than a cc each time) Months after each retouch some small... READ MORE

Is there a nasty interaction between double jaw surgery and Radiesse injection in the chin?

Hi, in six month i'll do a double jaw surgery to fix a long face and asymmetries in my face. In july last year (2016), before i chose to do the... READ MORE

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