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Fixing Facial (Jawline and Cheek) Asymmetry with Radiesse

I have a facial asymmetry. The right side of my face is thinner, whereas the left is wider and steeper. Same with the jaws. I look different from... READ MORE

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction to Radiesse?

Is it possible to have an allergy to Radiesse? How often does this occur? READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Injected Without Xylocaine?

Hi. I have gotten Radiesse and want to get some more. My provider mixes the product w/ 4cc of numbing agent, which causes me to blow up! Can Radiesse... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Aggravate Joint Pain, Fatigue Symptoms and Allergies?

Does the Radiesse treatment have any bad allergic reactions or side effects to a patient who suffers from joint pain, fatigue, sun hypersensitivity... READ MORE

How to Deal With 2 Week Delayed Adverse (Allergic?) Reaction to Radiesse? (photo)

Had one 1.5cc Radiesse into submalars below existing cheek implants where fat had worn away. Had a lot of swelling immediately after but by 3 days... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Severe Allergic Reactions To Radiesse?

Do many people have bad antithoractive response to radiesse, throat closing, hives, swollen hands or feet? READ MORE

Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Radiesse?

The areas injected were nasal folds, jawline and cheek bone area. The area beside chin and jaline on one side was itchy and skin was scaley. Is this a... READ MORE

I want to remove my permanent filler from one of my cheeks. Who is the best person to do this?

I have permanent filler in my cheek, it was put there 10 years ago. I never knew it was permanent. I0 months ago I developed a tight neck and strange... READ MORE

Maxillary Sinus Trouble With Radiesse

 I did go back and see my doctor (plastic surgeon) about my problem. 1st he said - no one would even notice my nose. Then he said that he... READ MORE

2 Weeks Ago Injection, I Am Getting More Puffy Cheeks with Radiesse. Am I Having an Allergic Reaction?

My cheeks are more puffy than when I had the injection in the lines next to my nose nostrils. The puffiness is moving up to under my eyelids. I am... READ MORE

Is Radiesse or Any Other Dermal Filler for the Nose Safe if I Have Allergic Rhinitis?

Im interested in getting radiesse or any other dermal filler for my nose, my nose is only slightly crooked and only need a little spot filled on the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Cause Allergy to my Face?

I had Radiesse filler to in my face about a year ago with a very professional specialists, but after some months all my face become red with very... READ MORE

I had two syringes of Radiesse today and I have severe black and blue and swelling below mouth. What can I do? (photo)

I am so afraid that I am going to have an allergic reaction to the Radiesse. The doctor never asked me about allergies and I am allergic to everything... READ MORE

Radiesse allergic reaction?

Please help I'm so worried can't stop crying..had radiesse a week ago and itchy all over. Not swelled or red....yet. Please tell me this will go away.... READ MORE

I have Crohns, Has any doctor here seeing this has had a paguen who has had an allergic or immune reaction from any filler?

Please!The Plastic Surgeons and certified dermatologists here on Real Self, please answer me this question. Im 27 male and would like to have Radiesse... READ MORE

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