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Radiesse Injections for Temple Area?

The area around my temple has lost its fat content and my face really sinks in there. it was recommended to me have Radiesse injected there. I am 52... READ MORE

Radiesse for Sunken Eyes?

I'm 47 years old. I went for a consultation looking to find serums or products for my face. The lady I saw said not to waste time with products... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Restore Volume in Cheeks?

I am 52 years old. I have been using Restylane for the folds around my mouth and nose.I have had some improvement. However, I notice that my skin is... READ MORE

Why Not Seeing Results with Radiesse?

Within seven months i have had 5 syringes of radiesse and 2 weeks ago perlane again.To fill some cheek are and nose to mouth.But i do not see any... READ MORE

I have had 4 syringes of Radiesse injected in the back of my hands $$. (photo)

It's about 2 weeks now and they look like the same Boney veiny hands so disheartening. I'm 50 with 90 year old hands. What can I do? READ MORE

6 Weeks After Radiesse, it's Effects Are Gone?

Six weeks ago i had radiesse two syringes,i am 46 by the way.Any ways i wanted ny nose to mouth done,and the nurse injected around my cheeks,although... READ MORE

I am 46 y/o female with deep nasal "parentheses" . Should I do Radiesse or Restylane? (Photo)

I have consulted several doctors, and was surprised by their different treatment options . 1.One Doc suggested me to go with JuvedermPlus + Botox, and... READ MORE

Minor marionette lines at 53; do I have to wait for them to get worse? (photo)

Great doc used Radiesse for cheeks, .5 unit, and we both love the natural look. She used a bit around my mouth but some droopiness is still there and... READ MORE

Is it okay to have Radiesse added to area treated with Voluma?

I'm 45 yrs old. I had 2 syringes of Voluma 2 months ago in the malar/cheek area to treat malar crease and it has done an o.k. job. Now, I'm... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Absorb faster in hands?

I had Radiesse injecting in my hands last week. Each hand received one ,1.5 syringe . I am a very thin 54 year old with visible veins The effect was... READ MORE

Help for a previous Radiesse under eyes. What do you suggest? (Photo)

I posted a few weeks ago about the previous radiesse that was injected under my eyes due to hollowness in 2007. It made me look like a monster. I... READ MORE

Can Radiesse or other fillers cause mole-type growths?

I'm 45. Two years ago a cosmetic surgeon injected Juvederm(?) in my pre-jowl sulcus areas. About 1 year ago I got Radiesse in the same spots. 6-8... READ MORE

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