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Do Radiesse Nodules Go Away on Their Own?

I had Radiesse injected 3.5 weeks ago in the cheek area and now I have a hard lump at the orbital bone. It is slightly raised, but it can be felt... READ MORE

Can't Smile After Radiesse Injections to Cheekbones and Nasolabial Folds, is this Common? (photo)

This was done almost 3 weeks ago. I've had other fillers in the past but never Radiesse. The doctor did not inject in the area between my nose and... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Cause Headaches and Blurred Vision?

I recently (3 wks. ago) received radiesse injections to reduce nasolabiel folds. I was told that in order to look natural ithadto first be injected... READ MORE

please let me know if there is anything i can do to speed up the process of Radiesse fading away. injections in nasal folds.

I had Radiesse injected in my nasal folds 3 weeks ago. My entire face looks fat including my nose. It looks full and fat like when I was pregnant. I... READ MORE

Redness and Tender Thats Persist 3 1/2 Weeks After Radiesse is This Normal?? (photo)

Hi i had radiesse injected over 3 weeks ago to the bridge of my nose and tip to smooth out a small bump.. it came up immediately with a circular red... READ MORE

I Have Major Swelling Under my Eyes from Radius Injections?

3 weeks ago I was injected. The swelling has gotten worse. My esthetition injected cortizone in the area 3 days ago. My swelling persists. Its so bad... READ MORE

Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Radiesse?

The areas injected were nasal folds, jawline and cheek bone area. The area beside chin and jaline on one side was itchy and skin was scaley. Is this a... READ MORE

Correcting Radiesse Underfill?

I recently had Radiesse injections in my cheeks. Now, three weeks later, it appears that the right cheek is indented and not quite as full as the left... READ MORE

Radiesse in Forehead 18 Days Ago For Hollowing and Dents After Radio Frequency Treatment?

The problem now is that my brows have dropped with a heavy feeling in my brows pushing down creating a tired look and smaler eyes and if I smile the... READ MORE

Why do I have a lump on my jowl point 3 weeks after Radiesse injection? Will it go away?

I had Radiesse injected 3 weeks ago for prejowel culpus. I still have a swollen looking lump on my right side jowl point. I was told to press and hold... READ MORE

Persistant Redness After Radiesse Injection in the Bridge of my Nose and Tip, Is This Norma?

Its three weeks since my injection and i still have a red circular spot on the tip of my nose its tender to touch and seems to get worse in the cold... READ MORE

Bumps from filler Radiesse! (Photo)

It has been 19 days since I had radiesse in both cheeks. Now I have two visible lumps. The swelling has gone. They don't hurt. Will they go away soon... READ MORE

Dr put Radiesse in my nose to straighten it out. Now I have huge lumps and my nose looks huge on my small face. What can I do?

Had injections 3 weeks ago and hasn't gotten any smaller. I model so this has just completely destroyed my career for now and don't know what to do. READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected into cheeks, and now I have lump under eye. Can it be fixed?

I had Radiesse injected over 3 weeks ago in my cheecks. Everything looked good but after I noticed the dark veins under my eyes looked more prominent... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Voice to Clear After Radiesse Injection

I had radiesse voice injection on may 13 and my voice is worse than before READ MORE

Could I get the Radiesse removed that I got injected 3 weeks ago?

I had radiesse injected im my nose several times to build up the bridge, this time once injected it cause infection and my nose is very very Rocky... READ MORE

2.5 weeks post op Raidesse in the nasal folds, I have pain from the injection near the nose under eye trough. Is this normal?

Didn't fill eye trough but injected a bit under them . On one side she said she hit the bone & it hurt. Days later it swelled there but not swollen... READ MORE

How long will it take to have all of theses be disappeared?

My wife has been injected by Radiesse 3 weeks ago. She has developed; infection, bruising, visibility, numbees, prolonged redness and inflammation. READ MORE

Just had 0.7ml Radiesse injected in my chin three weeks ago. I hate the results. My chin looks huge. When will this start to go?

I am really depressed with my results. It has made a huge difference to my smile. Was just wondering when I will start to see signs of volume loss?... READ MORE

3 wks post Radiesse to hollows, dr bruised nerve, numb for 2 wks but getting some feeling back. How long until I feel normal?

I believe he hit the Infraorbital nerve. For 2 weeks I was completely numb on cheek , 1/2 nose lips & front teeth. A little feeling has come back. The... READ MORE

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