3 Months Post-op + Radiesse

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Itchy Swollen Bumps 2 1/2 Months After Radiesse and Botox?

I had Botox 3 months ago & radiesse a week later. Botox in brows & around mouth. Radiesse in brow furrow, on cheek bones & naso-labial. A... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Placed Under my Eyes and Now I Have a Curved Line of Redness and Lighter Skin?

It Has Been 3 Months Since Procedure and it is still there. What caused it and is there anyway to get rid of it? I would surely love input. Thank you... READ MORE

Radiesse Injected Too Superficially Under Eye Can Lithotripsy Break This Up?

In March a BC plastic surgeon in BH placed radiesse superfically in my tear troughs. s/p 2-3x attempts to break it up with lidocaine & no... READ MORE

Is Radiesse permanent for some people?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 3 months ago. There is no sign of it dissolving since then, and I'm afraid it may be permanent. Is it possible... READ MORE

Radiesse in Hands?

I had 1/2 vial juvederm about 3 months ago in both nasolabial folds and have opportunity to participate in a Radiesse trial with Kaiser, is it harmful... READ MORE

Radiesse Injected Very Superficial, Can It Metabolize?

I injected Radiesse 3 month ago in my chin,but the doctor injected very superficial.I wanna know Can it Metabolize ? Thanks very much!!! READ MORE

1.Can Radiesse Absorb Totally into the Dermis? 2.Will It Become Harder and Harder Day by Day?

I injected Radiesse 3 month ago in my chin,but my doctor is lack of experience,0.1-0.2cc injected into my dermis.So i wanna ask 2 questions for this... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Injections About 3 Months Ago. The Doctor Injected Through my Palate?

I had radiesse injections about 3 months ago injected through my palate along my cheek bones.I was hoping to reduce the appearance of dark and loose... READ MORE

If Radiesse Injected Superficially and Confusion, Can It Absorb Totally? Will It Become Harder and Harder Day by Day?

I injected Radiesse 3 month ago in my chin,But it's not good,injected very confusion and i'm very feared.So i wanna ask some questions for this.1.If... READ MORE

Can I inject my nose with Radiesse filler? (Photo)

3 months ago i had nose filler my doctor used radiesse, she injected the top of my nose but I can feel it in the septum of my nose, the result was... READ MORE

More Radiesse or add in Restylane for volume loss in cheeks?

Nov/dec 2014 had 1 vial in each cheek for volume. After injection great but 2/52 later not as good. Should I have more Radiesse now or add in... READ MORE

Radiesse to chin - warm and red skin 3 months post. Advice please? (photo)

I had Radiesse injected into my chin with emervel having been injected a few weeks earlier, however I had asymmetry. The nurse put too much radiesse... READ MORE

3 months post Radiesse injections and still swollen and red. Any ideas how to correct?

Had Radiesse injected into upper cheeks to help with the hollowing of my eyes. Had nothing but problems with swelling and red welts on upper checks.... READ MORE

Uneven after 3 months. Should I have it redone now?

Three months ago I had Radiesse injections in the cheek bone area. The right side of my face has deflated. The left side is the same. Should I have it... READ MORE

Why am I having pressure , heavy feeling , some pain almost 3 months after Radiesse injections placed in my upper cheek area ?

Hi ! About two weeks after , I had some pain in my nasal area . More like a pressure sensation . Along my top teeth area as well I also had some sharp... READ MORE

Radiesse. Skin tight and pain like needles. Is this an allergy?

Please. I dont know wich specialist to go. Tree months ago i was injected with radiesse both cheeks. Right now my face is skin tight very dry to the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite) be absorbed fully? Why do many people's Radiesse still remain after so many years?

I injected Radiesse to my nose&chin 3mons ago,I don't like the results.I know nothing can dissolve it.Company said it can be absorbed finally.But I... READ MORE

Muscle spams after Radiesse?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 3 months ago. Ever since then, I have been experiencing a muscle spasm in my chin. It doesn't hurt, but feels... READ MORE

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