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Radiesse on Actual Cheekbone? (photo)

Is this a usual procedure to place the Radiesse on the bone itself? I wanted the filler because of the hollow look to my face. After 3 vials and 7... READ MORE

Can Steroid Injections Help Shrink Nodules Formed from a Radiesse Injection? (photo)

I had Radiesse injections almost 7 weeks ago and unfortunately I formed nodules under both eyes. I've read that steroid injections can help shrink the... READ MORE

Botox Injections After Radiesse for Cheeks?

I had Radiesse injected in my cheek area about two months ago. I would now like to get Botox injections for my crows feet. My question is will the... READ MORE

What Should I Do When 2 Radiesse Injections in 2 Months Had No Results?

I had one vial injected of Radiesse into my nasal folds, and cheek area. Was told to come back in 4 wks. and have another vial injected "to make... READ MORE

I Had 3 Vials of Radiesse Injected Mostly on my Cheekbone, a Bit in the Hollows of my Cheek. Is This Normal? (photo)

She made a point of tapping the bone with the needle, said it would last longer. I have not seen anyone else using this method.Now 7 weeks have past... READ MORE

Worried and annoyed with persistent swelling and redness 7 weeks into Radiesse. Why is it not going? (Photo)

Got R into bridge of nose on 1aug,some more on 15aug. Initial swelling subsided normally . Recently 2weeks ago, nose swelling up with persistent... READ MORE

Has anyone had a bad result from radiesse (lumps under the eyes) but seen it resolve within a year? (photo)

I'm looking for some positive feedback on success stories, if there are any?! Will this shrink month by month? Will laser treatments help break this... READ MORE

2 months post-op Radiesse. Pain on cheekbone.

First week of Feb'14 got radiesse on each cheek, right one got extremely swollen, the other side healed with not issues. Affected cheek didn't get... READ MORE

Lump on left side of chin seems to be growing 2 months post radiesse & juvederm. Should I be concerned?

I had juvederm & radiesse injected 2 months ago around around my marionette lines. At first it was going quite well and it almost felt like I... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix this Radiesse mess? (photos)

I recently lost weight due to an illness and lost a lot of face volume. A doctor injected radiesse into the hollows if my cheeks, and it formed little... READ MORE

Causes of discoloration and swelling, 85 days post Radiesse? (Photo)

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse (mixed w/lido) to tops of my cheeks. I'd had restalyn in the tear trough 6mos prior. It has been a nightmare. Severe... READ MORE

Perlayne left my right side of mouth bulky and uneven....left side was done really great. Why such a difference? (photo)

Ok, so it's been about 7-8 weeks since I had a Radiesse injection to my pre jowl culpus. My doctor injected Perlayne next to my mouth, marionette... READ MORE

70 days post Radiesse injection & still have terrible red lumps under my eyes. IPL not working, is there an alternative? (photo)

Dr had been doing IPL twice a week and it does not seem to be working at all. Is there a better alternative to IPL. The photo is 70 days post... READ MORE

What are my options to fix Radiesse injected in the nose that went bad? (Photo)

I got 0.1cc injected on June 20th. I model for work and this has completely ruined my self esteem and my career. I've considered a full rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Stretched skin or chin dimples after superficial radiesse injections?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 2 months ago. I can tell that the doctor injected it superficially since a white substance is visible in the... READ MORE

Why would I have swelling and tenderness 2 months after Radiesse?

There is mild swelling and a small hard lump. There was festooning under both eyes, usually in the AM but now it is gone on the side with the swelling... READ MORE

Vein occlusion in nose from Radiesse

2 months ago my ENT/plastic surgeon put Radiesse in an atrophic scar on the bridge of my nose. He had done it before twice with no problem. My nose... READ MORE

What are the consequences/symptoms of Radiesse being injected too superficially?

What are the consequences/symptoms of radiuses being injected too superficially? After 2 mos I still have lumps near surface and discoloration is... READ MORE

How long after injection with Radiesse can necrosis occur?

I had injections with Radiesse ca two months ago, into my nasolabial folds. Since yesterday, I have a small swelling and quite severe pain on my right... READ MORE

Almost two months after radiesse and still painful. What to do? (photos)

I had radiesse two months ago and I still have pain and I get heat and swelling around my eye ? I had it injected around my cheeks? Only the right one... READ MORE

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