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Is It Safe to Go Jogging when Face is Still Swollen from the Radeisse Filler Injection

Got Radeisse filler injection for nabasotal two days ago. Is it safe for me to workout and go running while my face is still swollen from the radeisse... READ MORE

Is It Too Soon to Tell if I Radiesse Was Overfilled?

I had Radiesse and Belotero injected into my naso labial fold 2 days ago. One side of my mouth looks a little bit plumper than the other and I can... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Put in my Cheeks Almost 48 Hours Ago and my Lip is Going Numb on and Off?

Is this normal and how long does it last. I didn't have any done near my lips. READ MORE

Had Radiesse but Smiles Lines Still Very Noticeable. What Should I Try at my Next Follow Up?

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse injected in the nasolabial folds with a little bit into the "apple" of my cheek near the nosr. On my follow up I had... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause headaches?

I have had a headache which seems to be getting worse above my eyebrows since I got radiesse injections two days ago. Could it be from the injections?... READ MORE

I've had a half syringe of radiesse in both cheeks two days ago and swelling is worse this morning. What can I do? (Photo)

Wondering what else I can do and if there's something wrong going on. How can I speed up healing time. I'm icing and taking benedryl. Help! READ MORE

Will Radiesse injected in cheeks on Tuesday be affected by being bumped in the injection area on Thursday?

Had Radiesse cheek injections on Tuesday. Today (Thursday) when hugging a friend, our cheeks bumped where I had the filler injected. Will this impact... READ MORE

I have white bumps over black eye after radiesse in cheeks. What are they, and when will they go away?

I got radiesse in my cheeks two days ago. I experienced bruising and swelling as a result I developed a black eye. Today I put makeup over it and when... READ MORE

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