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Over a Year Later and Bumps from Radiesse Still in Upper Lip, What's The Cause and How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

It was recommended to me that I get Radiesse only on my upper lip since it is thinner then my bottom. Within a few days I noticed a bump on the inside... READ MORE

Radiesse Disaster 14 Months Post Op, How To Dissolve New Collagen in Nose Tip?

Hello all, In October of 2010, I went to a dermatologist for a non-surgical nosejob (i.e. Radiesse in my nose). He ignored all of my instructions and... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Last Longer Than a Year?

I had the following done under my eyelids after reading I found out it was not a good idea too late. Its been a year and one of my eyelids is still... READ MORE

Radiesse- Scarring Dissolves ??

I've had radiesse placed in my NL folds 14 months ago. Very unhappy. My NL lines look more prominent and i look tired. She put too much next to my... READ MORE

Could Radiesse Injections Have Compromised Cheek Muscles?

I had radiesse injected 14 months ago. My cheeks look like they're being pulled down. My cheeks were high and defined before the injections but now... READ MORE

Could a granuloma in my cheek from Radiesse maybe a year ago dissolve on its own?

I had Radiesse injected in the hollows of my cheeks about a year ago, as well as a place on my chin. Last January my doctor had to incise the... READ MORE

What Kind of Bruising Appears After Injecting Radiesse Injections?

Hi doctor about a year ago my doctor injected radinesse because I had some very deep foreheadwrinkles.I had a big bump slightly bruised for a couple... READ MORE

Is it possible for radiesse to cause reaction for almost a year? Possible allergic reaction? (Photo)

I beg all the doctors that use radiesse to please answer Is it possible to have pain close to the nose radiates through the eye all the way to the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Affect the Movement of Facial Muscles?

My radiesse injections caused the muscles in my cheeks to stop lifting up high as they used to when I smile. It has been 14 months and I still don't... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Cause Allergy to my Face?

I had Radiesse filler to in my face about a year ago with a very professional specialists, but after some months all my face become red with very... READ MORE

What can be done about superficial injection of Radiesse besides waiting? There are white splotches all over my chin.

I had Radiesse injected in my chin exactly 1 year ago. There are white splotches all over my chin from a superficial injection and makes me look... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Radiesse?

Had radiesse injected about a year and half ago and it made my right side of my chin have a bump that don't seem to be going away really and have some... READ MORE

Looking for a specialist in Kenalog injections due to bad decisions made about Radiesse/Sculptra.

Hello, I have a complex case because I layered two different fillers on top of each other, twice each in the space of a year. I am desperately seeking... READ MORE

I had Radiesse from a year ago and recently had side effect; hard lumps and inflammation. How would you treat it?

My face has hard lumps and inflammation on lower side of cheek area. Biopsy shows signs of Calcium. Jervaderm over 7mo,s ago and Radiesee over a year... READ MORE

How long does the collagen made from Radiesse stay in the face? (Photo)

I had radiesse done 15 months ago. 1,5 ml on each side of my jaw and in the dimple area. But I think my jaw is not as defined as before radiesse. the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse which was injected under my eyes a year ago be broken down with Ulthera? (Photo)

Radiess was injected under my eyes a year ago . After waiting a year it's still there . My PS that did the surgury suggested doing an lower eyelid... READ MORE

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