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Can This Be Corrected? Unhappy With Tear Trough Treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus Followed by Radiesse (photo)

A month ago I received treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus for tear trough area. Post treatment I looked worth than before (left side looked uneven... READ MORE

Radiesse Was Injected into my Trough/cheek Area About Six Weeks Ago.

I was delighted with the newly restored fullness; unfortunately, the result has totally disappeared! I've been reading that Radiesse stimulates... READ MORE

Lump Inside of Mouth After Radiesse Injections?

I had radiesse 4 weeks ago into marionette lines. 2 weeks after the injection I noticed a bump at the very left side of my lower lip, not at injection... READ MORE

Radiesse After Cheek Implant Removal Due to Infection

Dear doctors, 6 weeks ago I had cheek implants and I got them removed this week due to infection. I dont want to go through surgery again thus I am... READ MORE

Uneven Results After Radiesse?

I believe that the left side of my face after having Radiesse injections a month ago is still bruised & slightly swollen. But it is hard to tell... READ MORE

I Have a Hard Red Bump on my Chin (Radiesse Injected 1mo Ago). Spider Bite? (photo)

I have this hard red bump on my chin that kind of appeared out of nowhere. I had radiesse injected in my chin 1 month ago. I recently developed a cold... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Injections in my Cheeks About 5 Weeks Through Temple. Causing Headaches, What Can I Do?

The Dr used a long needle and entered thru the temple to the cheeks. I expressed concern about going thru the temple but she said not to worry it... READ MORE

My cheeks are uneven due to the filler injection that the doctor gave me. Is he obligated to fix it free of charge?

A month ago i went for a Radiesse injection because of the dip in both my cheeks.I wanted to fill the dip and give me a slight volume in my cheeks... READ MORE

I was overfilled by Radiesse. Is it possible I have an infection? Broken capillaries ? (photos)

R injected into bridge 1mnth ago. Initial swelling subsided. Now noticed swelling and redness.dr injected steroid .swelling going down.Also taking... READ MORE

Will the Radiesse Injected in my Chin Go Away?

I got radiesse injected to get rid of my cleft chin 5 weeks ago, and now my chin looks huge. The plastic surgeon that injected it did not use the... READ MORE

1 month post op Radiesse, there is a nodule and skin over the nose. It is red and peeling. Is this normal? (photos)

I had radiesse into bridge of nose a month ago. The dr seemed to overfill d area bet eyebrows.i didn't say anything as I thought it's usual swelling &... READ MORE

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. (photos)

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. I was told to press on it and some days it's flared and some days... READ MORE

Radiesse Injections One Month Ago. I Am Very Unhappy with the Results. What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Radiesse in my Face?

The right side of my face looks as if I had a stroke. My eye is droopy and the skin is sagging. It appears as if everything is migrating southward.... READ MORE

Radiesse lump after 5 and a half weeks. I can only assume this is a build up of too much product injected there? (Photo)

I have a lump in my chin after having radiesse injected there. It does not feel extremely hard but I can feel it and in certain lights I can see it. I... READ MORE

One month experienced injector/plastic surgeon cheeks furrow tear trough. Red bumps under my eyes. Will it go away on its own?

The rest of the Radiesse looks really good .However I have "eyeworms" -- long wormy looking bumps right on the periorbital bone that are visible in... READ MORE

Can radiesse be flattened after 4 weeks?

I had radiesse in my cheeks 4 weeks ago, yesterday I massaged and tried to countour one of the sides for a few seconds but kind of rough , now that... READ MORE

Cheek fillers are falling down after one month. Is this normal? (Photo)

I did 2 syringes of radiesse 1 month ago on my cheek area and I am noticing them "falling" down my face - my cheeks are much higher in the before.... READ MORE

Lipofilling after Radiesse injection?

Hi, i had radiesse injected a month ago, and i like the result, i did radiesse because i had not enough fat to do lipofilling in my face, so i am... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected 5 weeks ago under eyes. What is causing my pain?

Hi. I had radiesse injected 5 weeks ago under eyes. my injector said that she hit a bone. I swelled badly after and within a week deceloped lumps. All... READ MORE

Can swelling from radiesse last over a month?

I got .5 cc of radiesse in my chin about 4 weeks ago. It looked great immediately after injection. But One day after initial I had severe swelling, my... READ MORE

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