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Can This Be Corrected? Unhappy With Tear Trough Treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus Followed by Radiesse (photo)

A month ago I received treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus for tear trough area. Post treatment I looked worth than before (left side looked uneven... READ MORE

Post Radiesse Swelling and Hardness Normal 1 Day Post Op?

I had Radiesse injected 24 hrs ago. I had cheekbone area, nasolabial folds done and also around my mouth and chin to fix rough texture due to collagen... READ MORE

Radiesse to Nasolabial Lines and Cheeks Continues to Swell, When Will this go Down?

My mom had RADIESSE injected last night in her nasolabial lines and a bit up her cheekbones. She is so depressed right now it's not even funny.... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected into the bridge of my nose today. Can Radiesse Migrate?

I had Radiesse injected into the bridge of my nose today, and all day long the Radiesse has been moving down along the rest of my nose (till the... READ MORE

Lingering Numbness and Vision Problems After Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injections in my cheeks about 20 hours ago. Left side of my face still numb, vision distorted- particularly when I look up and to the... READ MORE

Yesterday, Had Radiesse in the Side of my Nose for a Spider Bite Scar. A Big Lump Came Up, What Should I Do?

I can't even put my finger in my nose because of the marble size lump inside my nose. can anything be done READ MORE

Is There a Way to Remove Lumpy Radiesse Be Removed from Tear Trough?

I just had it done yesterday and I have a horizontal linear ridge just below the tear trough under each eye and then there is this big dip underneath... READ MORE

Why are my cheeks puffy if I had Radiesse injected just into my nasolabial folds? Also my upper lip looks slightly elevated.

Had 1.5 injected into my nasolabial folds yesterday and I look like the cat woman. My cheeks are really puffy and my upper lip slightly elevated.... READ MORE

Have I been given too much Radiesse? I had 3 syringes in my tear trough & cheeks yesterday. (Photo)

I have horrendous swelling which is now subsiding but my cheeks look hamster like and it makes my eyes look a little sunken, also I can feel what... READ MORE

How long will swelling after Radiesse last?

I just had radiuses yesterday. She said she placed 2 syringes of 1.5 ea. it was placed in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. She said she had... READ MORE

Post filler lip procedure to cupids bow yesterday, is this extreme swelling normal? (photo)

I had juvaderm and revenesse yesterday at about 10am it's now 12 pm the following day, I only had my top lip done and I had my Cupid's bow corrected... READ MORE

Now I feel that it has come down, was I over injected? (photo)

Yesterday I had 1 syringe of radiesse put into my prejowl and drooping from the corner of my mouth. Lastnight I was in a panic because someone... READ MORE

Bruising, swelling and pain after Radiesse injection in my nose (photo)

I went for a radiesse in my nose (bridge and tip) 36 hours ago and now it's a disaster! my nose is so swelling and painful to touch. Also my nose tip... READ MORE

My doctor had to use more Radiesse on one side of my face because the folds were deeper and now its uneven the next day.

My doctor had to use more radiesse on one side of my face because the folds were deeper and now its uneven, is that because of more shots to that side... READ MORE

Just had Radiesse cheek injections an hour and a half ago. Haven't bruise yet. Could I still bruise?

I had two 1.5 cc syringes of Radiesse injected in my cheeks. I haven't bruised yet. Wondering if I need to cancel my plans that I have. In November I... READ MORE

Uneven swelling after Radiesse, joker smile and droopy on one side. Will it stay this way?

Had radiesse done just yeaterday. The one side of my mouth looks like a joker smile the other does not. Could it just be more swelling on that one... READ MORE

Had Radiesse yesterday in my cheeks, I look like maleficent, is this just swelling? (photo)

I had radiesse yesterday for my cheeks. 1.5 each one. I'll attach a pic I'll look like maleficent. :( or this just swollen? READ MORE

Normal for such asymmetry? Had Radiesse injected on 7/26/17 for nasolabial folds and marionette lines. (photos)

 Have a before, that night and the next day pictures for reference. I rely on this website, so wanted to ask in case anyone else needed to know.... READ MORE

What should I do about sever swelling to face after Radiesse and Restylane filler? (Photo)

I had Raddiesse and Restylane done yesterday and within 20 minutes noticed the swelling . I began to panic and start to massage the areas. I called... READ MORE

Pain in right eye day after Radiesse in the cheek?

I woke up the morning after Radiesse in the cheeks with moderate pain in my right eye. I also noticed a little acne like bump right in between the end... READ MORE

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