Zygoma Fracture About 6 Months Ago and It is Misaligned? (photo)

I had a fracture in the zygoma about 6 months ago and it is misaligned. The eye has sunken about 2-3 mm and its causing some sight problems. I got a ct scan and it looks like the bones aren't aligned, like the zygoma is behind the nose bone. Theres also a fracture above the teeth. I get a lot of pain around the fracture and eye when chewing not the left side. What are my options? Can it be opened and corrected?

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Sunken eye socket after facial trauma

Yes you can have corrective surgery to improve. Whether it is re fracturing the bones and fixing them in a better position or the use of customized artificial bone grafts to correct the contour abnormality is something your Plastic Surgeon can help you with.

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