Is It Ok to Use Zyclara After Having a Fraxel Treatment?

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Using Zyclara after Fraxel

Zyclara is a cream that is meant to treat precancers of the skin, called actinic keratoses. There is not significant knowledge of what Fraxel does for actinic keratoses but it might make the Zyclara create a more vigorous skin reaction and even increase the chance of experiencing systemic symptoms,  depending on how soon after the Fraxel you use the cream. You will have to get direction from the doctor who prescribed the cream for you.

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Zyclara is brand new

Zyclara is for actinic keratoses. I am not aware of any studies combining it with Fraxel, but I would guess that one week after the Fraxel, you could begin the Zyclara. I'd finish the Zyclara course and wait at least 2 weeks before doing the next Fraxel. I would talk to your dermatologist about this decision, however, since I do not know the specifics of your case.

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