How to Get Best Results from Zoom Whitening Procedure

What's involved with getting Zoom whitening done? What kind of prep is done and how long does it take? Thanks.

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To get best results from ZOOM...

ZOOM is best when you have no other restorations in your front teeth, since crowns or fillings do not whiten.  When you decide to use the ZOOM technique, the teeth will whiten best if you had a recent cleaning.    The first step is to place a protective barrier over your teeth to prevent the bleaching gel from irritating the gums. Once this is done, a high concentration gel is placed on the teeth and the ZOOM light is placed in front of the teeth for 1-3 three sessions of about 15 minutes each. The total time we usually schedule for the procedure is about 80-90 minutes.

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Zoom Whitening

The zoom whitening procedure consists of 40 minutes to prepare and isolate the spot tissues and teeth. It is then followed by three 15 intervals of whitening with the gel painted on the teeth and the zoom light in position. Once this is completed a soothing gel is painted on the teeth and post op instructions are given. Prior to Zoom whitening, an initial exam and evaluation by the dentist as well as a cleaning to remove plaque stain and debris needs to occur for optimal results.

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