Zoom Whitening for Discolored Teeth?

I have always have some discoloration on my teeth since I was little. My mother said it might have been from some type of medication I took. Anyways, I want to get the Zoom whitening treatment, but I'm nervous it will only make it worse. The discoloration isn't major, although sometimes it's more noticeable than others. I only have the problem on the two front teeth. Please let me know.

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Zoom Whitening for discolored front teeth

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The Zoom may work for you -- it will not likely make the discoloration worse. Sometimes if you have white spots on the teeth - those spots will be accentuated right after whitening due to the teeth getting dehydrated -- after the teeth rehydrate the bright spots will die down. You should find a cosmetic dentist and schedule a consultation visit. Together you can discuss different options like Zoom, or other whitening methods as well as bonding those areas on the front teeth. From the situation you describe, it should be easy to improve your smile.

Zoom may show mild improvement on teracycline discoloration

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If you have discolorayion from tetracylcine, whitening may mildly show some improvement and will not worsen it. Your best bet is to try the Zoom whitening and if it doesnt work as well as you want you can do veneers on the front two teeth.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

Discoloration on 2 teeth and ZOOM

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If the discoloration is only on your front 2 teeth, you may still be a ZOOM candidate.   Are they white spots?  ZOOM whitening should not make white spots stand out more; sometimes doing whitening will help those areas blend in a little more since the teeth will whiten.   Many people choose to try whitening first in a situation like yours.  Then if the spots are still very noticeable, other options include enamel microabrasion or cosmetic bonding.  If the spots on your teeth are brown or yellow, they may not be improved at all with whitening and you may want to consider the other options.   

Kristen Berning, DDS
Dubuque Dentist

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