I Had Zoom Whitening and Touch Up with Trays at Home. Can You Switch to Regular Bleach?

I had Zoom Whitening performed two years ago and touch up at home with trays and the product they provided at my dentist office 15% Carbamide Peroxide Tooth Whitening Agent. I may need to change to a different dentist and they say they will only provide bleach for my trays. Is this product ok to use and will it provide the same result?

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Professional at-home Bleach from Your Dentist

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Yes, the bleach provided by your new dentist is ok to use and has the ability to provide the same result as the Zoom Whitening Treatment. Most likely your new dentist will provide you with professional in-home bleach, such as 15% or 10% Carbamide Peroxide. The in-office Zoom Whitening treatment uses a high concentration of peroxide in order to quickly lift the shade of the teeth, wheras the 15% and10% Carbamide Peroxide is a lower concentration. Lower concentrations can provide the same results as the Zoom whitening treatment but will take more time. Keep in mind that teeth sensitivity can increase with the higher concentrations, and some people's teeth are only able to lift a few shades.

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