Is Zoom Teeth Whitening the Best for Dental Whitening?

my dentist offer a treatment called zoom. Would you recommend zoom dental whitening or are there better treatments?

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Is ZOOM the best technique for whitening?

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ZOOM is the most popular in-office professional whitening procedure done today. BriteSmile used to be, but they don't advertise and ZOOM has taken over that niche.

The advantages of ZOOM are the ease of having it done, the shortened time frame to get whiter teeth, plus the more powerful whitening gel we can use. Typically, you can get a whiter color in less than one hour, as opposed to it takig several days bleaching with home trays.

The disadvantages are it costs a little more to do than other procedures and there is a higher chance of sensitivity for a day or two afterwards. In addition, if you are claustrophobic, you may not like sitting in front of a hot lamp for 45-60 minutes.

San Jose Dentist

No, Zoom teeth whitening isn't the best

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It can be PART of a process that is the best. However, "best" is merely opinion and many dentists will argue about what is "best".  Zoom is a good in-office system, but "best" is hard to quantify.

Zoom Whitening is a very good product

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For yellow and brown teeth, Zoom is a good in office product for whitening teeth. As with all whitening methods, it may fade in time and require touch ups with trays at home. 

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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Zoom Teeth Whitening Is Very Effective

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I use Zoom Advanced Power as our inoffice whitening method.  In our office we feel it does a very nice job of whitening teeth with little post operative sensitivity.  As for "best" it certainly ranks high in our estimation, but understand that their are many ways to whiten teeth and for me "best" would require that the method is  safe, effective, and afterward there is low sensitivity.  Zoom Advanced Power does all thee of these and has a solid track record so it is definitely worth looking into.

Zoom teeth whitening

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The quickest, most dramatic results come from ZOOM! Professional Teeth Whitening. In less than an hour, your teeth can get an average of eight shades whiter. What we have found to be the safest and most effective methods are the dentist supervised in-office light activated peroxide gel or a molded dental take home tray to be used with peroxide prescribed by dentists.

For longest lasting results, it is ZOOM! in-office whitening combined with the take home whitening kit. The effectiveness of the professional in-office system and the professional take home systems in many cases is comparable, it's just that the in-office systems accelerates the process greatly and dramatic effects (in the range of 8 - 12 shades whiter) can be achieved for many people in only an hour or so. You can do the same thing or even get whiter with professional take home trays at home, but it would likely take a couple of weeks or more of use of the trays.

Debra Gray King, DDS
Atlanta Dentist

Zoom #1 requested in office whitening procedure

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Phillips has outdone themselves with the creation of Zoom! Whitespeed. The results are fabulous. Patient satisfaction is near 100%
It is quit simply the fastest, easiest, and most effective in office whitening solution. The new light activates the hydrogen peroxide and helps the stain fighting radicals whiten faster and increases whitening results by 40%
The beauty of the Zoom whitespeed as compared to older Zoom models is the ability to lower the light intensity during treatment when a patient begins to develop sensitivity ("zingers"). This allows patients to complete the 3 sessions and not sacrifice results by ending the session early.

Zoom! has been proven to be the best light activated whitening system to date. And with the newest technology of Phillips Zoom! Whitespeed this can be done better and with less discomfort.

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