Zoom 2 Laser Teeth Whitening Plus Airflow Sparkle Causes a White Blister on Upper Lip 3 Days After? (photo)

I had this procedure done on Wednesday July 4th and everything was fine. I stuck to eating nothing but white foods until today Sunday the 8th. I had white rice , corn on the cob, green peas, lettuce and cucumber plus x2 chicken thighs and macaroni cheese. All of a sudden soon after dinner my upper ip was sore and i could feel a bump and discovered this! but why four days laters? I mean i've always suffered with delayed reflexes......but c'om now!

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White Blister After Zoom

It's hard to diagnose from your picture, but perhaps some Zoom Bleach leaked onto your lip and caused a burn. Those will usually heal if left alone. If it's not gone in a few days, see your dentist.

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