Is Zoom at Home "Top Up" Available to Buy on Line

I have had 2 treatments at the dentist and have the trays for the home treatment.  I wanted to know if the home whitener was available to buy on line.

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Zoom can only be purchased from the dentist

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Anything more than 9% concentration needs to come from a dentist office, so online orders will be limited to what you can get.  While there are sites out there that claim one thing or another, you won't get what you think you are buying.  It doesn't mean the products don't work, but it will take longer to get the same result as something from the dentist.

Keep in mind that teeth have limits to how white they will ever get by bleaching.  You MAY have reached the limit and it doesn't matter WHAT you use, your teeth are done changing.  For SOME, the only solution is porcelain veneers.


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The material for whitening dispensed by a dental office is a much stronger concentration and is not available for dispensation without a medical license.  Likewise, in office treatments are an even higher concentration and must be administered in office.  OTC products contain similar peroxide whitening agents at much lower concentrations. 

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