I Had Zoom Approx 6 Mo Ago - I Still Can Not Eat Anything Spicey, Sour, Sweet or Hot, Is this Normal?

After 6 mo my mouth/tongue is still swollen, roof is tender as well as the top of my throat. The inside of my mouth feels like it's peeling and I can scrap out the guey mater with my fingers. The corners of my lips crack. I feel that this is a long time chemical burn. The technician that applied zoom had to stop mid-cycle and re-start procedure - is there a timer or just full cycle again??

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Post-Zoom Problems.

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This sounds like a worrisome situation.  You should go back to the dentist or get another opinion immediately.  

Washington Dentist
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Zoom 6 months ago and my teeth and mouth are still sensitive

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We have done hundreds of zooms in my office and have never heard of or seen anything like that before.  Normally teeth are sensitive for 24 hours and no more.  I would definitely recommend you return to your dentist or consult a medical doctor to determine what may be causing your problems.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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