I got a temp crown put on last Thursday, hurt like heck after Novocaine wore off, been taking Tylenol ibuprofen on and off since

Went back yesterday (7 day after) and she shaved it down a bit.. on day 8 and I'm still in pain! Do you think I will need root canal or will is get better. IM sick of taking so much medicine, it isn't good for my body and if I don't take every 3 hours I'm in pain! She said by next week it should be better.. she's pretty positive but IDK what to believe. I'm so so K of being in pain

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Tooth pain after crown.

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it is not uncommon be having pain after your crown placement.  minor sensitivity for a week is common.  But if your symptoms are not improving after that and you must take pain Meds, than you will need a rootcanal .  It's an easy procedure for an endodontists.   

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