Is Zerona Painless?

No pain no gain , it is sound too good to be true On the scale of 1 to 5 how is Zerona painless compare to Laser hair removal ? (1-less ; 5-more) I have hair removal done and it was an painful experience that I did not want to have it again Thanks

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Is Zerona painless

Yes Zerona treatment is completely painless.  Most of our patients who have had a series of 6 treatments or more have experienced a total circumferential reduction in their waist, hips and thighs of from 3" to 9".  Results, however, do vary and small percentage of patients have not experienced a significant reduction in circumference.  None of our patients have mentioned any discomfort from the treatments.   

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Zerona treatments are painless and work well for most patients.

Zerona treatments are entirely painless and have a very high success rate for motivated patients that have realistic expectations. In contrast to some of the other emotional responses to your question that have been posted, the success rates in well selected and educated patients is excellent.  As a Plastic Surgeon, it took some time to feel comfortable with the science behind LLLT (low level laser therapy) and whether Zerona offered safe and effective outcomes for patients.

The "worth it" index on RealSelf is a fun survey but is far from a balanced sample of patients having this treatment. In the clinical trial reviewed by the FDA, and in several other well designed and published trials, nearly 90% of patients achieved more than 3 inches of reduction and patient satisfaction has been very high. This FDA reviewed trial and the clinical experience indicates that results achieved are independent of lifestyle, supplements and other factors. Fat cells are not permanently removed or damaged lasting results depend on patients maintaining their weight through an intelligent approach to exercise and eating.   If you lead a fit lifestyle and are looking for a non-surgical, painless and safe option for achieving a slimmer figure, speak to a Specialist that has this offering available and can determine if this or another strategy is appropriate.

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Zerona is Only as Painful as Losing Money in the Stock Market or at High Stakes Poker

Hi Austin,

Zerona is about as painful as passing your hand under the red laser that reads bar codes at any checkout counter.  The only pain involved will be on your wallet for treating yourself with a laser that is known to be unable to penetrate through the skin to affect fat cells the way it is deceptively portrayed.  Don't worry, with Zerona you won't feel a thing other than a waste of your money.  See web reference below for more.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Is Zerona Painless?

YES very painLESS but only 34% thought it was worth while. That states a waste of $'s to me. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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