Zerona vs. Cool Lipo for Mons Pubis Fat?

I am 5 ft 2in, 114 lbs. And I have a little more fat than id like in the mons pubis area. And fairly skinny everywhere else. I have von willebrands so id like to avoid liposuction if possible. Can the zerona or cool lipo be effective in that area?

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Hey Mon, Zerona Won't Work for Your Mons Pubis Fat, or For Other Fat Treated Through Skin

As They Say in Jamaica...Hey Mon,

You might as well sit on the red laser light that reads the bar codes at your grocery store if you or anyone tells you that the same 635 nm laser light of Zerona will effect your fat cells.  The laser has been proven to not be able to penetrate through skin to create the effects purported.

Cool Lipo may help.  Seek consultation with a vaginal rejuvenation specialist.  Take care Mon.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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