Can I Use Zerona While Breast Feeding?

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There is no data saying it is safe to do this and it would be very unwise.  Remember you are absorbing whatever fat the laser releases and who is to say this modified fat does not go to the breast milk? You would never forgive yourself if something bad happened to the baby!

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Would Not Recommend Zerona for Breast Feeding Moms, or Any Patients for that Matter

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I would not subject a breast feeding mother to Zerona.  It is not the laser as the 635 nm laser is relatively harmless, it cannot penetrate the skin to cause the purported "holes in the fat cells that allow them to shrink".  I'm afraid to say that laser science does not support the validity of the treatment. 

My worries for a breast feeding mom would be the consumption of the dietary supplement Curva (which most likely gives most of the results of the "treatment").   The info-commercial of "Zumba" looks like it will give you much better weight loss and dress size results, be safer for your baby's milk, and save you a quite of bit of hard earned cash.  Plus you will have a few new nifty dance moves to show off the next time you hit the dance floor.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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