Zerona and Velashape Safe During Same Period of Time?

I have groupons for velashape and zerona. I have appointments to go for velashape once per week for a month, during which time, I have daily zerona treatments scheduled. Are there health risks to having both done at the same time period?

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Combining treatments

Both Zerona and vela shape work well in combination as one is a more focused therapy for  localized areas of unwanted fat while Zerona will perform an all over volume of fat reduction.  

It is safe to perform the two treatments in the same week as both are different energies and will not cause an overload on your system.  The only caution is the supplements that you take with Zerona - curva, can leave you a little sensitive to heat when taken right before a radio frequency  and infrared red treatment like Velashape as the niacin will raise your body temperature, causing a "flush".  The skin can become a little red and sometimes  be a little more sensitive.  This doesn't last long.  It is best if you take the advised supplements a few hours before your Velashape treatment to allow for the flush to subside.


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