Zeltiq Versus Zerona? Which is Backed Up Science and Doctors?

Hi, I have been researching Zeltiq and Zerona. Wondering which actually work?

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Zerona vs zeltiq CoolSculpting for fat removal without surgery

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The theoretical advantage of CoolSculpting over Zerona is the permanent destruction of fat cells that is obtained by freezing the adipocytes in Zeltiq whereas the Zerona light makes the fat cells release their fat content without destroying the cells so they are able to retain as much fat as before. Long term studies have not been done comparing both procedures but one would think there would be longer term results with the CoolSculpting for the reasons mentioned above.

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Zerona vs Zeltiq for fat reduction

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Both Zerona and Zeltiq are noninvasive (non-surgical) treatments to help reduce unwanted subcutaneous fat. Both treatments have undergone scientific clinical trials to establish the safety and effectiveness of their respective treatments.  In Zerona treatments light energy from cool temperature lasers are utilized in a photochemical process to stimulate the fat cells under the skin surface to to release their contained fat, causing the fat cells to shrink.   With Zeltiq the problem area of skin and fat is drawn up by suction between plates which quickly cool the fat cells causing them to rupture or shrink over the next several weeks.  this process is called cryolipolysis.  

Both treatments can and do reduce subcutaneous fat.  In the case of Zerona, the fat reduction works primarily to reduce fat in a circumferential pattern around the waist, hips, and thighs.   With Zerona use there is no pain or discomfort - the laser lights do not create a significant amount of heat.   In the case of Zeltiq, the fat reduction is primarily a spot type of reduction localized to the area drawn up between the cooling plates.   With Zeltiq, patients can experience some discomfort associated with the cooling process.    Depending upon the individual patient, an invasive surgical procedure such as liposuction or body contouring surgery such as a tummy tuck may be more effective than either Zeltiq or Zerona.     

I have used Zerona in my practice for the past two years and have had results consistent with the manufacturer's claim - after six treatments most patients lost between 3 to 9 inches, in combined total measurement, in their waist, hips and thighs.  However a small percentage of patients lost less than three inches and some lost more.     

Before making a decision, I suggest to seek a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon who performs both the non-invasive procedures (Zeltiq and Zerona) and liposuction and body contouring procedures, to see which may be the best option in your case.  Best wishes.

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