Can High Heat Negatively Impact Zeltiq Results?

I regularly go for sudatonic body wraps for weight loss/pain releif (a process where you lay in a 140 degree sleeping bag-like sack and sweat) and was wondering if this could negatively impact Zeltiq results (i.e revive the fat cells during the dying process). Thanks for any answers/opinions!

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Massage and other therapies will not change Zeltiq results

Wow! Your treatment sounds almost as exotic as Zeltiq! The treatment you describe should not change the effect of Zeltiq on your fatty deposits. Once the Zeltiq treatment is completed, 'the damage has been done' to your fat. Your body develops an inflammatory reponse to the treated region, which helps eliminate the fat cells that have gone into 'apoptosis' or programmed cell death. The entire process takes a few months to occur.

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Effect of Heat on Zeltiq Results

Hi there-

While no study that I am aware of has specifically addressed the effect of abnormally high temperatures on the outcome of the Zeltiq Cool Sculpting procedure, I doubt there is any effect at all.

The scientific evidence to date shows that the Zeltiq Cool Sculpting (cryolipolysis) procedure causes irreversible damage to the fat cell, leading to atrophy and eventual absorption without replacement.

Once this damage is done to the cell, it is hard to imagine any external factor that could cause the cell to be able to repair itself- and once the programmed cell death cycle begins, it is not a temperature dependent mechanism.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Sudatonic body wraps don't change Cool Sculpting results

No these treatments will not change the fat cell death that has already occurred.

Body reshaping can be performed with a cannula that removes fat via liposuction or with noninvasive technology like Cool Sculpting. With Cool Sculpting there is no cannula inserted into your body. All treatments are performed on the surface from the outside in using technology that freezes the fat. Don’t hesitate to give us a call in Austin regarding a Body Reshaping Consult at the Upper Room. On our Facebook Page there is an Interview I recently did with KVUE, a local news station in Austin, that was picked by affiliates around the United States, including Miami. During the Interview we discussed the technology of Cool Sculpting as well as it application process.

High heat affecting Zeltiq results

CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and programs them to die and this cannot be undone once the procedure has already been completed. Although you won't see immediate results, the fat cells will be cleared from your body over the next few months regardless of heat application.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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Effects of Coolsculpting

The effects of Coolsculpting should not be minimized by other therapies such as heat.  I would suggest you avoid heat for the week immediately following Coolsculpting sinceno studies with extreme heat have been done.  You can resume your regular activities a week later. 

Michele S. Green, MD
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Effects of Coolsculpting

After the Coolsculpting treatment, the only thing that would really implact the results would be surgical removal of the actual fat.  Once the fat cells have died, extreme heat may slow down their removal, but I doubt it would negatively impact your results.

Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS
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Can Heat after Coolsculpting Undo the results?

Thank you for your question.

After the Coolscupting procedure, the fat cells have been frozen and would not be "revived" if you put your body into an extreme heat situation.

The fat reduction takes months to complete.  We have had great success for patients using this procedure.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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High heat and cryolipolysis / CoolSculpting

Once the cryolipolysis occurs with Zeltiq, the fat cells die. There is no study of which I am aware that investigated how soon after CoolSculpting one could subject the dead fat cells to high heat. I doubt the cells would revive. As warm-blooded creatures, our inner core temperature may not get much higher than 98.6 F despite your sudatonic wraps anyway. In all probability the heat would not be a detriment to your success with CoolSculpting but I would suggest waiting a few days after the CoolSculpting before undergoing your next wrap.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Heat after Zeltiq treatment

The Zelitiq process induces a process of gradual fat cell death.  Once the insult to the fat has taken place, subjsequent heating of the tissue or other factors are unlikely to modify the fat reduction process.

Brian Biesman, MD
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Heat and Coolsculpting

I am unaware of any studies that specifically addressed this question.  Although in theory there should be no correlation between the fat lost from a coolsculpting treatment and subsequent heating on a separate occasion since there is no study yet addressing this issue, I am reluctant to say either way.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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