Zeltiq for Outer Thighs?

I'm 5ft, 95lbs w/pockets of fat on my inner/outer thighs making my figure look very disproportionate. Clothes shopping is hard, as my upper body is a different size than my lower. I am terrified of complications from any kind of surgery and have been looking into Zeltiq. I have the 2 in of fat drs say you need in order for the head to connect. I've heard claims that Zeltiq works great on outer thighs but haven't come across any photos of people who've had success with it. Can anyone post some?

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Zeltiq Removes Fat From Outer Thighs

You can see some before-after-photos of flanks that were treated at our center at the link below. CoolSculpting is a highly effective way to permanently remove fat from a number of areas of the body, including the flanks and thighs. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist to find out if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting.

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CoolSculpting for Outer Thighs

Thank you for the photos.  It looks like you may be a good candidate for CoolSculpting.  CoolSculpting has FDA approval for fat reduction since 2010. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells. Fat cells are more susceptible to damage by freezing than the other cells, (nerve, vessel, bone, etc.), around them. The fat cells die via a process called apoptosis, (programmed cell death). The number of fat cells are therefore reduced. This happens over a period of time, so the body is not overwhelmed with dead fat cells. The body will take these cells up, process them and excrete them, just as any other cell. The remnants are filtered through the liver, and then excreted eventually via stool.  We have had good experience with the skin snapping back.  Each individual is different.  We usually see about a 25% reduction with CoolSculpting.  Liposuction gives more dramatic results, but is more invasive.  See an experienced CoolSculpting practice, they will determine if you are a candidate.  Moreover, would also consider seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who can give advice on both CoolSculpting and Liposuction.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Zeltiq for Outer Thighs

The FDA has approved coolsculpting for the outer thighs using the coolsmooth applicator. Consult with a board certified physician who offers both coolsculpting and surgical options to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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CoolSculpting for inner and outer thighs

Looking at a photo is obviously not the same as examining someone in person, but it looks as though your inner thighs could be treated with the CoolFit applicator.  I am not certain about your outer thighs but if you are certain about the 1to2 inches and you can pull it away from your underlying muscles without losing your grip, you probably can be treated there as well.

You can always consult with both a plastic surgeon who does liposuction and a dermatologist who has the CoolFit applicator before deciding. In that way, you will have aboundant information as well as two opinions from experienced professionals who will have more information to help you decide after examining you.

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
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Coolsculpting needs the device to actually "fit" the area

from your pictures i think you are a better candidate for liposuction.  small volume, small cannula liposuction can be performed here that can yield very nice results.  that being said, sometimes this area will fit into a CS applicator and will respond well to the treatment.

Eric Chang, MD
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Zeltiq off-label for outer thighs

You would need an in-person examination to determine if the breadth, location and thickness of the fat deposit is amenable to one of the two smaller currently available applicators that are used for CoolSculpting. Some patients have obtained good results. Unfortunately there is no great way to treat asymmetry compared to liposuction.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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CoolSculpting for Outer thighs

Thank you for your question and photos.  It is difficult to say from the photos if you have an area of fat that would fit into the handpiece.  An in person examination would be the best way to get the best advice.

Best Wishes!

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Zeltiq Coolsculpting for the Thighs


From the photos you posted it doesn't appear that there is a distinct pocket of fat on the outer thigh that the Zeltiq applicator could easily not only attach to but actually suction that tissue into the chamber sufficiently to treat it. Treated areas must be soft enough and malleable enough to be pulled into the chamber.  Inner thighs tend to lend themselves to this procedure better than outer.  For an honest opinion, you'd be better off having a face to face consult and evaluation to determine if you are in fact a good candidate.

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens, MD
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Zeltiq Coolsculpting for outer thighs

The results of coolsculpting on the thighs is based upon proper patient selection. This is an off label area and a thigh piece is in development by the company. Many properly selected patients are treated on the thighs and show excellent results. 

Steven Hacker, MD
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Zeltiq for the Outer Thighs

Dear M5855,

The distribution of excess fatty tissue you are describing is very common in women. It is often referred to as the "violin deformity" as the curvatures of the violin mirror that of the female outer thighs and hips. Tumescent liposculpture using a microcannular technique has been used to improve these contours. Zeltiq can also be effective for treating excess fatty tissue in the outer thighs; however, the fatty tissue must be pliable enough to be able to be drawn into the Zeltiq applicator and have adequate contact with the cooling plates. Many women have dense fatty tissue in the outer thighs which are unable to be grasped adequately by the Zeltiq applicator. In these instances, tumescent liposculpture using a microcannular technique can be very useful and produce a beautiful contours.

It sounds as though your tissue is pliable enough to be drawn into the Zeltiq applicator. Some patients choose to undergo a second treatment at 3 months for further improvement. I would recommend you consult with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area.

Wishing you all the best,

Jennifer Peterson, MD

Jennifer Peterson, MD
Houston Dermatologist
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