Zeltiq - I Had my Hips Done. On 1st Side Muscle Was Frozen and Still Hurts Alot - 4 Mos. Ago

Operator was very young and inexperienced. She had me lie down and as a result, muscle, instead of the fat on the side of my hips, was frozen. Sometimes the pain is still very severe. Will this heal? What is the treatment?

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CoolSculpting and pain

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It is very rare to have long term pain after CoolSculpting. With time, your pain could very well improve. Ask the doctor whose practice it is to evaluate your condition and see if a medication may help improve your healing and whether a physical therapist might be able to soothe the area with ultrasound and/or electrical stimulation (e-stim).

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Persistent muscle pain after Coolscultping

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I am not familiar with this side effect and would suggest that you discuss options with the physician that treated you. Typically there would be no effect on muscle with Coolsculpting.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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