Can Zeltiq/CoolSculpting Be Used for Female Breast Reduction?

I am 26 years old 5.5" in height and about 145 pounds living in Calgary,Alberta. I am interested to try out Zeltiq or CoolSculpting after reading reviews and knowing that its FDA approved. But one of my main concerns is that if I could use Zeltiq for my breast reduction. I am currently 36 D or a 34 DD. Would it damage the glandular tissue in breast or could affect the ability to breastfeed in future? Also suggest any other non -surgical procedures for breast fat reduction. I do not want surgery.

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Coolsculpting for Breast Reduction Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

Your worries about your ability to breast feed is a common concern that many patients have and really, any type of breast surgery will have the potential risk of not allowing the patient to nurse afterwards.  

Unfortunately, Coolsculpting cannot be used for breast reduction purposes at this time. 

You may want to wait until you have had your children.

Best wishes.

Zeltiq and breasts

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No one knows what the long term effects of Zeltiq are on the breast. So, I doubt that anyone would offer this treatment at this time.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Zeltiq hasn't really been looked at for breast procedures.

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Any type of procedure can affect the ability to breast feed or nipple sensation. Zeltiq and other related treatments have not been formally evaluated for breast reduction, although I suppose they would have an effect similar to liposuction. You'd need good skin quality to expect a good result. If you wanted a more proven strategy for this that's relatively minimal I'd suggest you consider a liposuction strategy.

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