Zeltiq Vs. Alma Lasers Accent Ultra

How effective is Zeltiq compare with Accent Ultra?

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Zeltiq and Accent: apples vs. oranges

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Zeltiq uses cryotherapy to reduce localized fat tissue, Accent is a laser used to tone skin, so they aren't really comparable. Zeltiq is in the early phases of clinical development, wheras Accent has been around for some time. The choice will depend on what you are trying to achieve, and the list of options is a long one so the best one for you may not be either one of those two.

Zeltiq and Accent Ultra

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Zeltiq is in its early stages of treatments.  It is effective in the treatment of love handles and the abdomen.  There will be improvements in the technology over the next few years.  Accent XL is also effective at skin tightening of the abdomen and other areas of the body.

Good luck and be well.

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Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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