Zeltiq CoolSculpting and Pregnancy

 I Would Like to Get Zeltiq on my Abs and Flanks but Plan to Get Pregnant Again. Concerns? Will this affect my future pregnancy?

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Coolsculpting and pregnancy

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There is no concern about getting pregnant after having a Coolsculpting treatment.  I would however, refrain from seeking treatment if you are actively trying to get pregnant.  I also generally caution my patients to refrain from any body contouring procedure if they are planning to get pregnant within six months and consider waiting until after pregnancy to undergo any body contouring procedure.

CoolSculpting and Pregnancy

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CoolSculpting will not affect your chances of getting pregnant. The CoolSculpting process simply freezes fat cells through a non-invasive and non-surgical device. The fat naturally decomposes and is deposited through the body’s normal waste process. There is no downtime, so you should not worry about it affecting your ability to have children.  We do not recommend doing Coolsculpting if you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant immediately after the procedure.

Daljeet Samra, MD
Pleasanton Physician
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Zeltiq CoolSculpting and Pregnancy

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Thank you for your question. You do not need to worry about getting pregnant after having CoolSculpting treatment. However, I would not seek treatment if you are trying to get pregnant. It is also best to refrain from any body contouring procedures if you are planning on getting pregnant within the next 6 months. It is also advisable to wait till after pregnancy to have any body contouring procedures. I hope this helps. Best of Luck!

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

CoolSculpting and Pregnancy

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While a patient should wait if pregnant to have a coolsculpting treatment, coolsculpting should not affect future pregnancy.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 56 reviews

Cool sculpting will not effect you down the road

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It causes permanent fat loss.

Body reshaping can be performed with a cannula that removes fat via liposuction or with noninvasive technology like Cool Sculpting. With Cool Sculpting there is no cannula inserted into your body. All treatments are performed on the surface from the outside in using technology that freezes the fat. Don’t hesitate to give us a call in Austin regarding a Body Reshaping Consult at the Upper Room. On our Facebook Page there is an Interview I recently did with KVUE, a local news station in Austin, that was picked by affiliates around the United States, including Miami. During the Interview we discussed the technology of Cool Sculpting as well as it application process.

The discomfort from treatment does resolve. Taking over the counter tylenol or naproxen resolves this in the majority of cases. If you have swelling that is persistent then a waist binder is helpful.

CoolSculpting effects on pregnancy

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CoolSculpting treatments should not affect future pregnancies. It specifically targets the fat layer and does not penetrate the deeper organs. While it its not recommended during pregnancy, you can receive the treatments when you are not pregnant. Always consult with a provider so they can determine if you are a candidate for treatment.

CoolSculpting and pregnancy

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CoolSculpting, like most aesthetic devices have not been tested on pregnant women. In my practice, women trying to conceive are not good candidates for CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 123 reviews

CoolSculpting can be done prior to conception

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As long as you have not had difficulty having children previously, then CoolSculpting can be done prior to you conceiving. Elective cosmetic treatment, including CoolSculpting, is generally not done during pregnancy. If however, a patient has not been able to conceive easily and has very little body fat, which has been shown to interfere with conception, then CoolSculpting should be avoided preceding the attempt to conceive and wait until after delivery and nursing.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 39 reviews

Coolsculpting before pregnancy

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Coolsculpting affects the fat not the organs beneath. It should not be peformed during or immediately after pregnancy.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Zeltiq and pregnancy

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Thank you for your question.

You can absolutely have the CoolSculpting procedure now and it will not effect future pregnancies.  

Best Wishes!

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