Zeltig CoolSculpting Specialist in Central Florida?

I couldn't find a Zeltiq specialist/provider in my hometown, Gainesville, Fl,and would like to find a doctor in Florida within the 100-200 miles range from my residence. Is it safe to travel immediately after the procedure? Can an out-of-town patient drive for several hours, or should arrange for alternative driver, or overnight stay? I hope that I would be a good candidate for a CoolSculpting procedure (5'8", 146lb, healthy life style, but lost a battle against an abdominal bulge). Thanks

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CoolSculpting is a no downtime, safe procedure for reducing abdominal fat.

There are no medications given for the treatment and patients can drive themselves home immediately after treatment.  Treatments take 1 hour for the lower abdomen, and one hour each for the love handles, so if you are travelling far, you may want to schedule more than one treatment in a day.  There is a small amount of tingling for 5 minutes at the end of each session, and after that, you can go about your normal activities, even working out.  Expect the area to be reduced by 15-25% by 8 weeks after the procedure.  If you want further improvement, the treatment can be repeated in the same area after 8 weeks.  Enjoy!

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Can I travel after having CoolSculpting

The photos indicate that you would be a good candidate for CoolSculpting of the bulge in your lower abdomen and possibly your love handles if of interest to you.  Traveling after the procedure should not be an issue because immediately afterwards there is almost never significant discomfort as usually the area is numb if nothing else.  The pain that can sometimes occur after CoolSculpting usually doesn't begin till several days after the procedure and normally does not interfere with one's regular activity such as driving.  If you are looking for a CoolSculpting specialist in your area you can go to Zeltiq's website where they have a page where you can enter your zip code and they will provide you with a list of CoolSculpting doctor's in your area.

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It is safe to travel after coolsculpting

It is defeintiely safe to travel after coolsculpting.  In rare circumstances, usually those in women who are thin to begin with and are looking to lose that very last bit of exercise resistant fat, pain can occur after procedure that is usually controlled with ibuprofen, is almost only seen on the abdomen, will resolve on its own, and usually correlates with a successful treatment.  However, if you are driving a long distance, be prepared that some offices may require a consult beforehand.  You could ask if there are any scheduled treatments so that if you had the consult and treatment in the same day, you know the schedule is open.  You should expect at least two treatments of the 8 handpiece, so at the very least you could expect 2 hours of treatment time.

Naples, FL

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CoolSculpting Specialist in Central Florida

The coolsculpting.com website is a good resource to start your search for a coolsculpting center. It is generally safe to travel after a treatment. We have had patients fly out within 24 hours of treatment. However, discuss your plans with the treating physician so you can have the best possible care.

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Traveling after CoolSculpting

Thank you for your question and photos.

No medication is given to the patient for the CoolSculpting procedure and therefore a patient is fine to drive after having the procedure.  If you are going to drive a distance, you may want to plan on a couple of areas being treated on the same day.  Discuss how long your drive is with your treated doctor to make sure they agree that it is fine for you to drive afterwards.

Best Wishes!

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CoolSculpting by Zeltiq vs. Lipo for fat reduction

there are no sedatives routinely prescribed for CoolSculpting so you should be able to drive. Any soreness you immediately feel after the procedure should not be so significant to prevent you from driving a long distance. You may need a few different sites treated and may need to return for a few treatments on the same areas to obtain a significant result. All of these areas such as lower and upper abdomen and love handles treated for three treatments or so, can add up to a sizable payment so that if there are no medical reasons to avoid surgery you might wish to consult and consider liposuction  and weigh the risks and advantages between lipsuction and CoolSculpting. There can be irregularities after liposuction but you might get greater fat reduction with liposuction than a series of coolSculpting treatments.

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Travel after Coolsculpting

It is safe to travel after Coolsculpting. I would recommend however  walking regularly and avoid prolong periods of sitting often associated with travel. Typically our Coolsculpting patients resume non impact exercise the next day. You shoudl discuss your travel plans with your physician.

Steven Hacker, MD
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