Does Zerona Really Work or Should I Just Have Lipo?

I had a Dr. today tell me that I should do zarona instead of lipo. I have worked out allot and still 125 to 130 and I have love handles and back fat he said that this zarona thing would work but it costs as much as anything else i dont know anyone who has had it done i have had these REALLY expensive laser /fracel/treatments to my face thousands of dollars and they have done next to nothing! I cant tell any change at all. I am the same from eating right 99.9 and 2 liters of water a day

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Liposuction works on everyone - Zerona Doesn't

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Liposuction works on everyone, Zerona does not.Save Your Money for Liposuction.

Our office has not had a positive experience and my advice to you is to save your money for liposuction which works on everyone.
Zerona is a generalized “whole body” slimming non-invasive low level laser treatment coupled with oral medications, daily minimal water intake requirements. It  uses photochemical rather than a thermal or ultrasonic mechanisms  to alter the fat cell by making the fat cell membrane more permeable - letting fat out that is absorbed by the body. The company aggressively markets to many medical specialties as a medical breakthrough that works dramatically on most patients. This was not our experience.
According to Zerona, after 6 treatments and 2 weeks, the majority of patients will realize between 3-9 inches of generalized slimming, rather than localized fat reduction in a specific spot. Although FDA approved at this time and favorable controlled studies have been done it is our office experience that this technique was not efficacious. We first tried it on 6 members of our office staff, including myself and one of our patients who is a professional blogger (you can look up her experience on "tweentyfouratheart. com. There were no significant changes despite following all directions faithfully.  We have stopped offering this treatment and have returned our machine.

Does Zerona Really Work?

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If the Zerona process works at all it is from the diet, dietary supplement, and exercise.  The 635 nm laser is unable to penetrate through skin, so it cannot affect underlying fat.  See the web reference below, and save your money for liposuction.  Good luck and be well.

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Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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