Calf augmetation by spider veins problems

I'd like to augment the size of my calves to match my thighs. I do CrossFit and tried bodybuilding for years. Nothing works really. I am a 40 years old woman, slim and in good health. I only have some small problems with spider veins and every time I run into things and bump my legs, I get livid bruises. Also after hours of sitting down at the office my feet and legs can be a little swollen in the evening. Is a calves augmenting surgery still possible with these conditions?

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Calf implants with spider veins present

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 Of course a physical exam is first always required before making any final surgical recommendations, it sounds as though your spider vein problem is relatively small and therefore should not prevent you from getting calf implants. Glad to be of help.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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YES you can have surgery

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I have done calf implants on many men and women with just exactly what you have. Implants do not make spider veins better or worse. You are at no increased risk. It may be good to evaluate your veins system, but mostly only if you have varicose veins. I have had only very happy patients after calf augmentations.

James Romano, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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