How common are fat embolisms?

I am booked for a TT and lipo and now I am concerned about a fat embolism. I want to know how this happens and what are the chances and if I should just do the TT and skip out on the lipo?

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Fat embolism with liposuction

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Fat embolism is a rare but serious complication associated with liposuction.  Fortunately, it is quite rare.  It is important to voice your concerns to your board-certified plastic surgeon, and he or she will review the risks to help you make the best decision.  Best wishes.

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Fat embolism after TT/Lipo

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Fat embolism is an extremely rare complication of lipo, and your doctor should discuss this and deep vein thrombosis with you.  There are ways of preventing both, or at least minimizing risk.  In 40 years of practise, and hundreds of  tummy tucks with lipo, I have never seen a fat embolism.  You can also "google" this for lots more info.  Your doctor is your best source, if he/she is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

Paul Silverstein, MD (retired)
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