I have an upcoming consult. How can I better prepare for my visit? (Photo)

my ba sx was 11 years ago @ phillipines I've since been unsat & body consciou. I was young & ill prepared. I would like to replace my silicone implants it's 500cc +/- I haven't had any issues w/my current set being that I've been in the Air Force for 9 years. My goal is get cleavage, an upper rounded look and get underboob rather than sideboob. As you can see I have the opposite. Is it possible to set my boobs higher than where its currently at?

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Preparing for consultation

I would just have some photos ready of what size you are trying to go for. You should do your research before you go to the consultation to see who you actually want to consult with. 

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I have an upcoming consult. How can I better prepare for my visit?

500cc implants are large and as such very heavy. Large implants become unstable as gravity tends to pull them down and out with time. Ask for your operating report if original surgeon is still available. Know where implants were placed initially. You will need smaller implants completely under the muscle to achieve a fuller and more natural appearance. Dual plane placement (muscle is cut to allow larger implants to fit under muscle) will eventually cause the same problem you have now where implant becomes displaced laterally due to poor lateral support. Textured implants may help keep implant in place. I hope this helps.

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Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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I have an upcoming consult. How can I better prepare for my visit?

Seek an experienced Board Certified PS for your consultation. Do you have your implant card available ? If so, bring it with you the day of your appointment. 

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BA revision

You have a tight lower pole and a large implant will tend to fill out the upper and outer pole without giving you a sufficient lower pole.  A revision where the lower pole is dissected and smaller high profile implant is used would be more proportional to your breast size and envelope characteristics.  Going larger will only accentuate the issues you would like to improve.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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I have an upcoming consult. How can I better prepare for my visit?

Write a list of a few questions that are your major concerns to ask at the end of your examination. Also see a few before and after photos.Good Luck...

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Implant exchange after 11 years

First of all, make sure you're meeting with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  With regard to your concerns, he or she can exchange your old implants with a new set of implants to give you more cleavage and a higher profile to where your implants do not feel like they are under your arm pits.  Some of that is due to aging 11 years, our skin does lose elasticity over time.  This should not be a difficult fix.. Good luck to you...

Chad Robbins, MD
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