So 2 Yrs of Restylane in Tear Troughs. Constant Bags, Headaches, Lets Be Real Here, Do I Require the Enzyme? What a Joke.

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Restylane and removal

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Without first viewing a photo of what you are referring to, it's difficult to answer your question. In the tear troughs, fillers can last quite a long time and it's not uncommon and easy to have it removed if it's more superficial and not aesthetically pleasing any longer.

Restylane under the eyes

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Dear TR05,

  • The headaches should not be related to Restylane, especially this far out
  • You should see a qualified surgeon for your options at this point so we can examine you

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane in Tear Troughs

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I am sorry that you are having difficulties.  You may benefit from a lower blepharoplasty.  At 2 years the Restylane should be absorbed.  I don't see a benefit to injecting the enzyme this far out from your procedure.  Hope this helps.


Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon

Restylane ?? in tear troughs

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It would be unusual for Restylane to last this long, even in tear troughs. I would see the doctor that injected it and get their opinion. If need be a trial of hyaluronidase can be used to see if this can be corrected. 

So 2 Yrs of Restylane in Tear Troughs. Constant Bags, Headaches, Lets Be Real Here, Do I Require the Enzyme?

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 Restylane in the tear troughs should be gone after 12 months or so.  Could the bags be lower eyelid fat pockets and not Restylane?  You might want to be examined by the MD that did the Restylane treatment for evaluation.  Hyaluronidase injection to one of the bags would tell you whether these were Restylane (the bags would decrease) or fat (the bags would remain unchanged). 

Tear troughs and bags?

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It is best to be examined in person. Are they bags of fat or pockets of undissolved restylane?  At two years it should be gone. A dose of hyaluronidase may give a quick solution to determine what these bags are.

Unfortunately you did not provide a photograph.

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Undereye treatment is truly an art form.  Not every one is right for this treatment because their skin can be so thin that it is actually not possible to perform an appropriate treatment.  The presence of structural laxity in the midface ligaments can also complicate treatment.  However, the enzyme is very effective in removing product.  It may be that you need this to adjust your service.  It is a shame that you have had less than satisfactory treatment.  Do a little homework in your community so you get the help you need.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Restylane in tear troughs for 2 years

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The tear trough area is extremely thin skinned and overinjection can occur there. Also, because the area is thin skinned, product can last there for a longer amount of time. Two years is a pretty long time, but depending on how much filler was put there, it is possible. The enzyme (hyaluronidase) is actually quite easy to inject for a skilled injector and can remove what you don't like very quickly. It's hard to say the headaches are a direct effect of the filler there...and I've not seen that happen for extended periods like this. But if you don't like the look, and it's been 2 years, don't wait any longer for the hyaluronidase and make yourself more upset about it all. HA fillers can be removed!

So 2 Yrs of Restylane in Tear Troughs. Constant Bags, Headaches, Do I Require the Enzyme?

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            If you have residual product, then the enzyme is effective but may require several sessions.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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